Helping Hands

Woke up early on Sunday because my MIL wanted to pick up our new helpers in Segambut! Wheeeee. I was of course excited so I quickly took a shower and then woke the boys up.

We had some breakfast at Publika first because the helper called us and said that they needed some time to pack their stuff. have never had breakfast in Publika but I think Tee mentioned about Chawan before so I suggested that.

 Thank God my MIL loves the food there. First, the fact that they have mee rebus tulang made her really happy! and then the fact that the price was really reasonable.

mee rebus tulang

I ordered their roti bom and chicken curry and that tasted superb!

Laith was really hungry so he had some of Zahed's nasi lemak with fried chicken.

and then his Lonting finally came but he was too full with Zahed's nasi lemak. Zahed tried the lontong but didn't like it because of the coconut milk. I think they used the powdered coconut milk so it has a weird sweet taste.

Chawan served so many different types of local coffee that comes from each states in Malaysia. i opted for the Sabah Coffee

They served the coffee with cream crackers. I think it tasted good but not strong enough for my liking.

We later head to Segambut.

The sky was still cloudy and can you spot the cute little bird?

Anyway, we all were home by 11 am and the helpers seems to be making themsleves at home pretty quick which is good.

I spent the afternoon watching the movie "Chef". It was recommended by one of my good friend Dira. She was commenting one of my post on Facebook which was.

Former Westlife singer Mark Feehily now selling crepes and coffees from a CATERING VAN

It's like my dream to own a food truck or a small cafe and sell coffee! She told me to watch the movie because it's an inspiring movie. She was right. It was definitely a great movie. very moving. I really recommend it.

We spent time with Baby. i asked Zahed if we are ever gonna give "Baby" a name since we've already find out that it's a she. He said "nah, we'll just stick with Baby". haha so Baby it is then.


Later in the evening, we headed to KLCC to have dinner and my FIL wanted to change the pants that he bought from Marks & Spencer. We planned to have dinner at Fuel Shack in Aquaria. Can you believe that they close at 8.00pm?!!! WTF right!! After arguing on where to eat for half an hour we later decide to eat in Kampung Pandan @ Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. 

Anyway, this is Laith's new toy that he made me build. 

I plan to teach him to put the blocks together by himself soon. Wish me luck!

Movie Marathon

Friday was a crazy busy day. I started cleaning up the trays and cabinets in my office. I even started doing the reports for accounts. Everyone thought I was doing some spring cleaning because there were papers all over the floor. Well thats just the beginning of it... I think February's going to be a very busy month for me.
On a lighter note, things are better in the office. It has been a rather intense week with a major argument with our DC and all. That turned out ok after we had a meeting and make her understand that it's ok for her to ask if she is not sure about things. And she took it in a nice way and now you can hear asking away whenever she needs to.
By the way, Tee had this crazy craving for salmon last Thursday. I tried talking her out of it but it didn't work so we ended eating at Sushi Zanmai.
No regrets there. It was simply satisfying so we plan to spend wiser next week.
We have the habit of stopping by at the bakery in Isetan every time we go to KLCC for lunch. It's Tee's idea of heaven.
Well mine too. I love their mini chocolate pastry. We tried their scones and did a little tea party in the office. Scones were not so great. Hard and very dry but the steamed cheese cake is heavenly!! The texture is perfect and it's not too sweet.

I found more coffee flavored milk in Isetan's supermarket!!! This is by far the best discovery of the week. Too,bad Isetan does not open til 10.00am or else I could get my daily dose of milk in the morning on my way to work
Most malls are decorated woth Chinese New Years decoration. They are all red and nice.

The deco in KLCC

 The deco in Avenue K

The sky has been beautiful last Thursday so I played with a little HDR

It appears that Tee's  craving for comfort food is still not satisfied. We we walking pass Bisou and I was trying hard to distract Tee from wanting to stop at Bisou but nothing worked. She is very tenacious! Luckily she didn't find a cupcake that she liked phewwh. Why am i stopping her from buying cupcakes you ask? Well this lady has the habit of just eating like 2 bites and then she would shove the cupcake to me and make me finish it haha. Not that it's a bad thing but I am trying to lose weight here.

I did manage to take photos of the lovely looking cupcakes

Anyway, we head home early on Friday. I didn'y manage to finish my report sigh . Guess that will keep me busy on Monday. 

Anyway I'm so glad it's Saturday now. It was sunny in the morning so I quickly did my laundry. As I was hanging the clothes, the clouds suddenly covered the Sun and the weather was gloomy throughout the whole day. I swear I could hear the sun laughing mockingly at me.

On a happier note, I get to watch movies back to back on Diva channel with Laith. Well he was watching Penguins of Madagascar on my Ipad.

It started with "The Sweeter Side Of Life"

and then I saw "You May not Kiss The Bride"

the last one was "Garage Sale Mystery

And then I realized that it was already lunch time. Laith had a heavy breakfast so he wasn't complaining. I on the other hand did not have any breakfast. I managed to cook Sambal Sardin and Stir Fried Chciken (paprik ayam) in 30 mins *pats on shoulder* and then me and Laith had lunch together. Zahed was working that day and only managed to get home at 8.30pm sigh.

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Flu flu go away

I just came back from my Medical leave. I was off sick yesterday. The fever, flu and cough took over my body and I wasn't able to sleep well. Woke up feeling like shit. The doctor i visited the eve on Monday gave me an MC but i didn't plan to use it considering I have so many things that I needed to do at work but obviously my body does not agree sigh.
I was high on meds yesterday morning and ended up waking up at 10.30 am. When I went to the kitchen to make some breakfast my MIL who was not aware that I was around had a huge shock lol. She offered to make me breakfast but I declined politely because I just wanted to have toasts and my famous "FAILED poach egg"!

I know, it's so eembarrassingfor me to be posting a photo of the failed poached eggs here. But it's just you guys who reads my blog and you guys don't judge right? haha. But seriously guys, somebody needs to give me a tip oR two ON HOW to make poached eggs! I've tried Jamie Oliver's

All 3 doesn't work for me!!!! Is it just my luck with poached eggs? Is there such thing?

Anyway, dramas aside. I was sleeping most of the time yesterday. I was in my trusty and very comfy knitted sweater the whole day. Okay correction it's Zahed's sweater that I claim as mine whenever I fall sick like this.

I did manage a short drive to Laith's school to pick him up. Don't worry I was sober when I was driving and when I got home, i had my lunch and took another course of meds.

By late afternoon I felt much better(except for the flu that wants to hang a little longer)

I had a healthy dinner last night.

Made myself mashed cauliflower which obviously looked more like cauliflower soup. It tasted good! Even Zahed thinks it does. I managed to finish the whole bowl.

I helped my MIL watched this lil guy (my nephew) while she did her prayers. This cheeky little guy is so talkative and uber adorable.

We received a devastating news last night. One of Zahed's uncle passed away. He's the one we visited in Teluk Intan on New Years Day He has been sick and has been in and out of the hospital for the past few months though it is still shocking to hear that he has passed on.

Zahed, his parents and Laith went to Teluk Intan this morning for the funeral. I wasn't able to join them hence today is my first day of parking my car at the LRT station. I thought it was going to be badly packed so I left early. around 7.00am to be exact. It was still dark when I left

reached the LRT Station at around 7.20am and I had a pleasant surprise when I found out that there were more than 500 parking bays available. That was good start for the day. Now I am struggling to breathe through my mouth as both my nasal passages are blocked. tee recommended some kind of nose drop to help with the blockage so I'm heading to the pharmacy to get one now.


Things On Tuesday


1. Salmon Sashimi!!! this happened last Friday. the boss took us for lunch at Ozeki to celebrate our new team member. I was beyond happy because it has been a while since we last had Japanese. Me and Tee are on a tight budget this month. Tee went splurging on new shawls whereas I bought my beloved phone so Japanese was off limits.

You know what Salmon does to me right?

The restaurant is nice. You wouldn't have guessed that it was big enough to fit more than 50 customers when you see it from outside.

I had their Ozeki Bento. It came with salmon sashimi and a grilled saba fish which are 2 of my favourite Japanese dishes.

The boss wanted to order some dessert and made it look like I was the one who loves desserts haha. I do have occasional sweet tooth especially when I am stressed out. I think between me and Tee, tee loves desserts more. Anyway we had 4 bowls of ice cream served and everyone digs in.

2. Discovering online movie streaming and figuring out how to connect the ipad/iphone to the smart tv at home! Yay for this! I managed to play "Guardians of the Galaxy" on the TV last Saturday. The best part is it was on HD!!

3. Everyone loving my beef curry. I had my first attempt at beef curry last Saturday. I've done fish curry and chicken curry before but never beef curry. Since we only have beef in the freezer and Zahed wanted curry, I decided it's time to try. How hard can it be right? Well it's not hard at all! Zahed had like 3 plates for lunch which he shared with Laith. We had some leftover and my FIL who was away on Saturday discovered the curry on Sunday morning and reheated it so that he could have it with some bread. Since there was still some gravy left on Sunday night, my FIL asked me if I could add some beef and potatoes in it and of course I said ok! So happy to see him loving my curry. haha

4. Quality time over lunch with Tee. it's been a while since we had lunch together just the 2 of us. It's nice to be able to pour my heart out once in a while. I told you before, she is more like a sister to me. We had a simple lunch at Etiqa Tower yesterday.

yeah despite the sore throat, i still had oily food for lunch eeeps!!!

5. I know my lunches looks unhealthy but I'm starting to eat oats again!!! I wanted to do the overnight oats but don't have any rolled oats in the office so I settled with oats + milk + marmalade and it tasted super!! Thanks to Daily Supplication for her inspiration.

1. Sore throat and flu. Laith got it first on Friday and he brought it home to me and Zahed. Me and Laith are from the same blood type so it's always easy for me to catch flu from him or vice versa, Or maybe because I sleep right next to him and I'm the one who cleans his nose... Zahed got it from us on Sunday and it's always extra bad for him since he has always had sinus problem. He would sneeze like mad if Laith accidentally hit his nose in one of their crazy wrestling tournaments where you will hear me scream on top of my lung. Those are the times when it feels like I have 2 kids instead of just one. This was my best friend on Saturday

I decided it wasn't strong enough for me so I got myself these

2. Stupid asshole who is so immature and has the habit of pissing people off. I can't elaborate further as this is sensitive but seriously one of these days he will get a taste of his own medicine.

Looking forward to

1. Getting better. I hate being sick like this.

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