Weekend recap

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Zahed had to work on Saturday so me and Laith were at home in the morning. My FIL wanted me to make some masala tea for him so Laith helped me make the tea in the kitchen.

Later in the afternoon, me and Laith decided to go on a movie date so off we went to Wangsa Walk to watch The Good Dinosaur. It was awesome!!! Me and Laith was laughing out loud most of the time.
Zahed came back a little late and I made some fish sambal for dinner so we had dinner at home.

On Sunday morning Zahed thought we should go look for my new muslimah swimsuit and I thought Bangi would be a good place to search for it. We had breakfast at Old Malaya Kopitiam in Bangi Gateway. It was more like brunch actually :p

I finally found my swimsuit at noon right after our Zohor prayers. Zahed and Laith were discussing on where to head to next and they decided to go to Port Dickson! So off we went..

We stopped for some rojak and cendol before heading to the beach..

We had so much fun at the beach that day. Zahed even caught a pretty big crab.

We quickly released her after taking her photos.

This was what the weather was like when we arrived and then it started raining at 6.30pm

We had dinner in Sg baru Melaka before heading home...

Anyway did I tell you that I bought an NX Mini :P Just the basic lens so far... so loving the quality of the photo.

what do you think?

Quick one

♥She Loves Coffee♥

This is going to be really quick.

First, last week has been pretty depressing hence the lack of update however by the end of last week a good news came in Alhamdulillah. Here is last week in photos:

This is the same dish taken in 2 different days

This is me and my bff prior to our lunch in Franco

 Tee's Croque Monsieurr

and her sweet clam chowder

My pasta
and then on Friday me, hubs and lil Laith went to PR1MA event in PWTC and had some sushi on our way back.

Will update on my weekends tomorrow. Laters

Monday Blues

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Weekend was spent mostly at home. Zahed had to work on both days..I figured I should polish my photography skill. Been itching to get a new lens.. a 85mm F1.8 to be exact... and then when I started browsing through the internet I started thinking I should get the Nikon J1 Mirrorless Camera. Will that make sense? Like seriously I blame all the stress! The last time I bought a camera gear was way back in 2011 I think... that was due to stress too... So I think this is what stress do to me (excuses excuses I know!) Well I decided to take out my camera gears and play around with it. Perhaps I will soon realize that I don't need any extra lens at the moment...

Spot the mosquitoes trapped in a spider's web?

I made pizza on Saturday

Anyway, I just discovered this simple way to grow mushrooms at home!!! Only 7 days and you can already start harvesting! How awesome is that? Below is mine on Day 2

Anyway, I'm selling them so if you are interested, please feel free to contact me :)

Zahed came back late afternoon on Sunday and then my MIL said that she felt like going out. I thought going out means going to some restaurant for tea or maybe a mall... but we ended up in Melaka for dinner haha... 

Ikan Bakar at Fort Supai

We went fishing here on our last trip here. (Read here)

 We came home at 11.00pm and God am I so sleepy right now!!

Anyway,me and Tee had this just now..

I know i've said this too many times but we are definitely stressed out... I think One can only take so much before they are completely done! I think I'm slowly reaching my limits.. sigh

Anyway, my passion fruit here might start producing fruit soon!!! Yayness


♥She Loves Coffee♥

This week has been quite tough for me and Tee.. At times like this I'm grateful to have her. We cry and laugh together... I actually cried this week.. It's pathetic but I couldn't help it.. One can only take so much..

Anyway, all negative vibes aside, look at my chilli plant. It's so small yet there are more than 5 chillis growing.

This is prove to how hard this week has been!

This is to to clean up all the sugar intake from photo above hehe
Grilled eringhi!! Yummiest ever!

Assam pedas ikan tenggiri to go with the Eringhi!

One of the lunches with Tee

This is me after telling myself that it's Friday so to hell with everything else 

My Little Man's Graduation Day

♥She Loves Coffee♥

It's pretty hard to believe that my little Man has finally graduated pre-school. It feels like yesterday he was in my arms drinking milk from a bottle.

Can you spot my little Man?



So proud of this little guy, Tee was saying how she would cry watching the You raise me Up video... I told her I didn't cry at all.. To be honest, I was crying inside. I am very lucky to be given the opportunity to raise such this wonderful boy.

Such a shame my DSLR ran out of battery right when his performance started... yeah I took the risk of not charging it the night before. Well there was 3 bars left!! How could the battery gets depleted within an hour? Thank god we have our smart phones...

So proud of you Laith.. Mama and Baba loves you to bits!!!
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