Update on PD trip

Before I forget, let me update on the PD trip last week. We stayed at The Thistle. Zahed made booking on the wrong date, we were supposed to stay there on Saturday and check out on Monday but he made reservation on Sunday and check out on Monday. Thank God Monday was a public holiday.


Since we arrived on Saturday, we had to make a last minute hotel booking and we made a reseravtion thriugh Agoda at a budget hotel - The Clover. The hotel is in PD Waterfront and I think the room is quite big for a budget hotel.


Anyway, here are the photos

Laith &'Zahed getting ready to go for a dip in the pool.mthe one in the background of below photo is the main swimming pool. They have abother pool by the beach.
This is the pool by the beach

Laith now has a new favourite hotel in PD *eeps*


Ok then, i'm still in Langkawi and heading home soon. Going to jump into the pool with Zahed and Laith.

Learn to be grateful

♥She Loves Coffee♥

I went through 2 circumstances today that taught me that I should learn to be grateful instead of complaining.

Incident 1

The big boss gave me an assignment last week which is a survey on green building and requires me to work with the building management to get the informations (includes getting details on their water & electricity bill *say what?*). I was planning to go see the building manager today after lunch but just as I came back from lunch I received an email from my boss saying "most of you might know that offices outside US is not required to complete the survey" I was about to complain saying "No, I didn't know bla bla bla" but then I thought come one Leila you should be grateful you don't have to go through all the hassle and plus you boss old you before you went to see the building manager so you should be thankful for that too. So yeah that is the first incident.

Incident 2

Hearing someone complain about how little their bonus is. Like seriously? Some people do not get any bonus *yours truly for example* I decided to leave the old company before the bonus payout and no regret there. Oh and I know people who have worked hard and do not receive any bonus due to the economy. So yeah, be grateful okay!

Ok on another note, I had a wonderful lunch date with a (not so) new found friend and I enjoyed every minute of it! it was super fun and I think we got along pretty well (dunno about her but I think we did :p) Must do more of that. And I added 2 goals for this year which are 1. learn to dozentangle 2. take better flat lay photos!

psst, love this instant shawl by Anya Shawls

ok then later!

Uno Nights

It has been two UNO nights for us. Laith has been asking me and Zahed for his own UNO cards and we never got around to buy them until last Monday night.

I'm proud of Laith coz I only guided him on the first 2 games and then he was on his own. So last night on the way home Laith asked me if we could have a short UNO session after he finishes his school work, I said "sure, why not?" While glancing at Zahed who can be annoyingly competitive at games like this. Haha

Here's a short recap on our long weekend. Saturday was laundry day so we didn't go anywhere plus we couldn't go anywhere far because Zahed received a last minute invitation to his colleague's brother's wedding. So on Sunday we headed to Kuala Selangor for fish shopping.

and after going around in that very hot day, me and Laith had ourselves some ice cream

On Monday, we didn't know where to go and then Zahed suggested that we go to Janda Baik

as usual we used the back way. Zahed and Laith took a dip into the river while I watch from the side.

So that was how our long weekend was spent. Ok heading home now. gotta stop by the stationery shop today coz little Man lost his pencil box with the entire stuff in it ugh!

Happy Saturday!

Hello Saturday,

Today marks the 4th day of me suffering from constipation. (Ew? Yeah i know :p) I only realized I have not emptied my bowels when I reached day 3. I don't feel uneasy nor there are any sort of pain but it kind of worries me because this is my first time ever. A visit at the clinic it was this afternoon and lets see if the meds will do it's magic.

On a nicer note, the company's Annual Dinner was yesterday and was held at G Tower. It was nice meeting new people and even nicer to realize that there are many people who still remember me.

Anyway, what are your plans for the long weekend? I've done the laundry this morning thank god! Will be doing some ironing tonight and tomorrow we're off for some adventure.. I hope... Lets hope I get to clear my bowel tonight shall we.

Color Story!

Sometimes it's good to be really busy at work. Time flies and you will have no time for office drama.

Anyway I just discovered this new app called Color Story by A beautiful Mess and I am totally hooked!!! Check out my revamped photos here.

Laith has been adjusting well with primary school Alhamdulillah. Of course there are some small hiccups here and there. Like when I found some books missing and asked him where they were. He said he's not sure if the teacher took them or he left it in his class 0_o Oh he just found out about the bookshop in his school this week so almost everyday he would bring home something such as fancy pencil, plasticine and I hope he didn't buy anything unnecessary today. I do plan to tell him to not waste his money but I'll let him enjoy this week first hehe

Guess that's all for today. Toodles

Random ramblings

I'm sick and tired of being around selfish people. It's sad to eventually find out that those people you thought were your good friends turn out using you for their own benefit. I'm done with those kind of people. I just realized that I sometimes give in too much to the extent that people expect me to give in all the time. Seriously done with all this bullshit.

Anyway we went to one of our favourite niece's birthday last Saturday. I love this girl to bits. Melts my heart everytime she comes running towards me and give me a big hug.

Then on Sunday, we had another of our impromptu trips to Port Dickson.

It was crazy hot so I was sitting under the tree most of the time.

This is one of Zahed's favourite restaurant. Love their retro ish signboard

And this is my cup of coffee last Monday ( or was it Tuesday). It was good!!!

Ok then :) it's good to be back (for a bit)

First ever korean meal

I had my first ever korean meal yesterday. El wanted to go to BiBap in Avenue K and as usual I'm not picky so I just said yes.

The soup was delicious except for the lack of seafood in it...

Anyway this post has been a draft post for far too long so I may as well just hit publish hehe

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