Date with little man

I'm sorry for the lack of updates for the past 2 days. I have been caught up with something... A book actually but won't be posting about it here until I'm done with the third book. Yeah it's a trilogy. Have I ever mentioned that I have a problem with being easily addicted to things? Like when I got addicted to Korean drama last time? And when I was addicted to watching The Mindy Project and watch 4 episodes back to back on a weeknight and ended up sleeping at 3.00 am. Yeah, same thing withis book. I am hooked and end up reading until 1am. Most of the time I decide it's bed time because the ipad hits my face when I fall asleep (its an ebook) and it hurts like hell!

Anyway, today is actually my day off yippeee. The plan was to sleep in but that didn't happen because Zahed was working today so he made so much noise when he was getting ready. Even switched on the lights.. Which I think he deliberately didnbecause he was jealous I get a day off :p So just as he was getting ready for work, I head downstairs and did the laundry and of course a cup of coffee. I made omelette for breakfast.

Right after I was done with hanging the clothes, me and Laith got ready for our date. We made plans to go to the zoo to see the panda but I figured that the zoo is like 10 mins walk so we can go on any weekend so we should go somewhere further and we decided to go to the Farm in the city in Seri Kembangan.

Bloody waze took me to this housing area where the street are so bloody narrow. It took me like and hour to get there instead of just 30 mins. That is why I hate using waze. My poor little man wasn't feeling so well today he threw up twice on our way there.

As we reached there bis face lit up! He eagerly pulled me to the ticketing counter. We first saw the gigantic tortoise. Laith was so scared to get near that guy at first but eventually he overcome that fear when I showed him that I could hand feed it.

We were lucky that time because one of the peacock was spreading it's feather. He was so beautiful. Laith was asking me why are there so many eyes on the feather.

We went through the snakes chamber. I was so nervous at first. Imwas imagining one of the snake escaped and was waiting outside it's cage. I was even more nervous when I looked up and saw this!

Bloody hell right?! I had goosebumps all over when I saw that. We literally ran out of that area when we saw that. One of the albino python was awake and active. I managed to take a good photo of him before running away.

While watching the birds, we noticed a really beautiful bird watching us. He was really cute peeking over us. Cute little stalker

I used to have this dotted feather chicken when I was in school. So nice to see them again and I get to show them to Laith.

Laith holding this tiny lil chick. And then he went fir the pony ride twice! A really nice lady gave us her 2 of her pony ride tickets because her kids doesn't want to ride. My little mam loved it as you can see.

We left about 1.30pm. I think we spent almost 2 hours there. I will post more photos in a different post I promise.

I stopped by the office for a bit to get something. S was nice enough to watch my car while I run upstairs to get my stuff. S was being funny today texting me in formal Bahasa Malaysia. Sometimes his usage of word in B.Malaysia can be funny but I try not to laugh at him. However his formal Bahasa Malaysia is definitely way better than mine.

Back to my date with Laith. We headed to KFC for a quick lunch after stopping by atb the office. I went through TGV website while finishing lunch because we planned to watch Penguins of Madagascar. There was one show at 4:10pm which was perfect timing and it was at Wangsa Walk ! Just perfect! I had to buy a sweater for Laith ( he has 7 sweaters now all because we always forget to bring one when we wanna watch a movie). We even had tome to buy popcorn and by the time we were in the hall the movie just started. Laith loved that movie and I must say it was pretty nice. So many parts made us laugh. I fell asleep for about 15 min in there.. Haven't been getting enough sleep lately because of the book. The book! Ok I'm gonna have to end this entry so that I can continue reading. Haha taraaa

Oh one more thing.. Laith said "this is the best day ever mama. I wasn't bored at all" my heart melted :')



I had one of ghe worst lunch ever today. I blame S for being fickle minded today huh. He wanted tomgo to Sisters @ Gtower and I was excited to gomthere for the first time haha. All because I was getting sick of the food selection in KLCC.

Tee and me was in his car when Tee's friend suddenly called her for lunch so she had to ditch us :p. S on the other hand had a sudden change of mind. He suddenly wanted to go to Pavilion because "the gang" was there. Well they have been there for like half an hour when we arrived so I get to talk to Myra and 2 of her colleagues for only 15 mins and then they all left us. Huh.

S, whom normally does not like to eat in food court decided to eat in Pavilion's food court. He was telling me that the layout and food choices are better there. Well you should've seen him when he ate his Korean food! Hahahahah all those talk about better layout, better food choices went onto the drain! Pffffttt! He then started usual. Haha.

I on the other hand had a really lousy char kue teow. It was bland and oily.i was struggling to finish it.

I told S that I need to get something else because the food wasn't satisfying at all. So we headed to JCo Donuts. The line at JCo was really slow. I hat to waitfor 15 minutes for my turn and there was only 2 person in front of me. While I was queuing, a lady came and she stand right in front of me. I was pretty pissed because she should line up. When it was my turn, that lady went and ordered her donuts. Luckily the waitress noticed that I was there first so she told that lady to line up. Can ypu believe that she said "I am lining up here". So the waitress said "she was here first" while pointing at me and that lady made a look. So I told her "yes, I was here first". She gave me an angry look and went behind me.

So after paying, I told S what happened and he said "so you did tell her off? That's an improvement" and I was all smiles. And then I told him "yeah, I did tell her off...while looking at the floor" which made him burst in laughter. Hahahah. "Well that is still an improvement" I said with a smirk. Yeah, I'm pretty proud of myself because the old me would've kept quiet and let the lady cut in front of me.

Anyway, we were late when we got back into the office. An hour late to be exact hahaha. Thank god I have the donuts!! Because the boss loves donuts!! So he had some before he head out for a meeting.

I stayed in the office until 7.15pm and planned to stay longer because I wanted to clear some stuff before I start my day off tomorrow. Mr Smartass S went and told me he heard someone having a conversation in the toilet but there was no one in the toilet at that time except for only him. He said that while carrying his laptop bag which means he's heading home. So me and Tee changed our minds about staying and decided to wait for Zahed in KLCC instead.yeah, Zahed was supposed to pick us up. I am still skeptical about the office being haunted. I think it's S's idea of a joke, he did the same thing to me back in the old company but I wasn't goimg to take the risk.

Tee had to leave me,and she took the train while I walked around in KLCC admiring that lovely lipbalm in Sephora. I shall buy that next month!

Jang Keun Suk!

I decided to watch one of the music videos from my favourite K-drama "he's beautiful" yesterday when I realised how much I miss my fangirling over Jang Keun Suk. I came across this show where he needs to get acquainted with a 3-4 year old girl. He was definitely super cute!

Look at that face! How can you not drool?

Anyway, I mentioned to my friend Xavier about looking forward to watching "Fifty Shades Of Grey" and he went "what? You ain't watchin fifty shades of grey I'm tellin you". I took it as a compliment. Little did he know that I was already halfway through the novel and I am so engrossed in it. Christian Grey is a creep yet I find him very desirable. I'm sure I am not the only one plus he is a multi billionaire and a very caring kind of creep. i seriously can't wait for the movie to come out. Here is the trailer

They chose the perfect looking guy to be Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele

I had a really groggy weekend because of the lack of black coffee at my parent's place. Mom only stock on 3 in 1 coffee and latte. I can't tolerate 3 in 1 !!! I tried drinking a cup and I had to lay on the bed for 2 hours from 9am to 11am because it made me dizzy. My brother wasn't around and he was my source of coffee at my mom's place all this while. i kinda wished I brought along my ground kenyan beans or even the "Kopi O Cap 434"

That was my Kopi O cap 434 with 2 pieces of marshmallow that I had my place before heading to my mom's place last Saturday.

As usual, my father would request for me to cook whenever I go there and his usual request is curry. Any kind of curry. I wanted to make fish curry but there was no fish and then Tya suggested I make beef curry and then we realised there is no curry powder for beef haha how ironic. But she suggested that we use the curry powder for fish. I honestly hate to cook when we don't have enough ingredient but since my dad really wants home cooked food, I obliged. Then halfway cooking dad came with a packet of spices and he asked me to add it into the curry and so I did. It was fun cooking with Tya. She's on this eat organic and healthy food phase and I love that kind of stuff. So we cooked brown rice, she made cajun prawn while I made the tomato+chilli chicken and steamed some broccoli and carrots.

And the here is the beef curry

Both mom and dad loved it! So I was proud of myself because my dear, is my first ever beef curry! *patsownback* yeah, mum still refuse to cook and we understand that it's the after effect from the brain surgery but I think she developed a new addiction and it's towards Facebook! Oh dear...

This is the Mee Udang Banjir at Klang Sentral. We had this for dinner after picking up Tya from Setia City Mall. She'll be working until the new intake in her university.

And lastly this was lunch today. I only managed to eat half my plate. Sadly S wasn't around so that was wasted sigh.



Birthday at Johnny Rockets

I had the worst case of ab cramps last night. Everything was fine when I was walking with Tee to KLCC and then to the train station. By the way Tee looked so cute carrying the laptop bag running down the stairs trying to catch the train yesterday. As usual, train rides with her is always fun!There was one occasion when we were in the train together in the morning and we were having one of our many weird discussion and we laughed hysterically which made everyone stared at us. I guess it's not usual for people to be happy on the train to work in the morning.
Anyway, as I got home the first thing is to take a hot shower because I refuse o do anything if I am all sweaty in my work attire. I have been craving for Tom Yum soup since last week so Zahed suggested we go to Niara Seafood. Which was a splendid idea! We had their red tom yum, cashewnut chicken, minced chicken wrapped in omelette and fried baby Kailan. Laith had his fried kue teow and egg. A tip if you want to try out Niara, only go there for dinner because I think the 'real' cook starts his shift after 6.00pm.
Anyways, today is S's birthday. He's like my best friend at work (and I will never admit that to him) and Tee is like my soul sister. We celebrated S's birthday at Johnny Rockets yesterday over lunch. The whole team was there and I invited our close friends from the old company. The food was superb but the service was really bad due to peak hour. Been there 3 times before and I nothing to complain about. I had to share ma burger with Tee because I know I could never finish a whole burger. We had their Bacon Cheddar burger.

S's birthday from leila anuar on Vimeo.
Apip and our new colleague Wani had to wait an hour for their food and since the boss was around, he wasn't gonna tolerate with that. He went straight to the counter bang on their table and shouted at their staff and suddenly the food was served within 5 minutes and it was foc. It's a good thing that the Boss joined us because our lunch was done at 3.00 pm. Aside from calling the food artery blocking I think S did enjoy his birthday lunch.
Anyway I have a pile of of laundry to be done. I wanted to just take it to my mom's place and do it over there but Zahed said we should just send it to the laundry service. Thank God!! But I still need to do the ironing which is not that bad really.
Anyway, off to my parents' place.

Video Saturday

A walk down Memory Lane again


Aunt Flo came for an early visit

So I finally found the answer to my mood swings for the past few days. You have no idea how many times I had the urge to type a very emotional post and I stop myself because I could sense it was just hormones. Yesterday I wasfeeling so down I had go walk out of the office and had a short walk in the office building by myself. I discovered the Prayer room in the building which was pretty decent.

Today, I was almost bursting into tears for no reason! When I was in the office alone while everyone went out to run some errands. I was almost crying while doing my filing. For no reason... Well I think there was a reason but I'm not sure if that was really the reason...

I was planning to stay in the during lunch and maybe grab a quick lunch from foodcourt. Then came S and he wanted to have lunch outside. I told him about my plan but eventually Imagreed to his plan because his plan sounded better. We initially wanted to scout for a decent Thai restaurant but as we went through Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, S saw the Indonesian restaurant - Puti Bungsu Batam. I told him that he might not like it but he insisted that he wanted to try it. So of we went.

Can you believe that he actually ate the "Tunjang"! What's tunjang you say? Well it's Cow's tendon. Haha yup it may sound disgusting but it tastes delicious. i'm pretty impressed that S actually cleaned his plate.

Anyway, I stop by KLCC on the way back to get a cup of cappuccino and latte gelato. I know I shouldn't take any cold stuff during aunt Flo's visit but I just couldn't resist!

So yeah, aunt Flo is here making me an emotional wreck with terrible ab cramps :(


Black out!

I am typing this while laying on my bed savouring every moment of having the aircond blow towards my face because we just had an hour of power failure! Sometimes I wonder how people actually lived without electricity in the old days. Maybe because back then it wasn't as warm as it is right now with global warming and everything. But aside from the air condition,one thing that I miss most when there's power shortage is charging my phone haha. My battery was flat when the power was out just now and I was in the middle of a whatsapp conversation with the Boss.

Oh talking about my boss. He just approved my 4 days leave next week. 6 days including weekends! I have no plans to go anywhere really but I just needed time off to spend with Laith. It's school holidays and I want to take him to some interesting places like the farm in the city, KL tower and maybe to the zoo. We live like 10 mims walk away from the zoo actually. Been there with Laith 3 times but we haven't been there since the Panda arrived. Laith is so much like me and Zahed. He loves animals.

Anyway, Munirah is moving to a new house next year. She wanted to go look at the houses that she found online and wanted me to be her navigator after work earlier today. She picked me up at KLCC at 6.30pm and we headed to Setapak. I'm pretty sad that we won't be neighbours anymore but her landlord has been a pain so I think it is best that she move to a new place. She's looking for a house that's near to the LRT station because her office will move to the site office next to KLCC. Yay! We'll be office neighbours haha.

So serious! She was texting one of the tenant of the house that she was gonna check out. We were having our dinner while waiting. I had Maggi Goreng Pattaya- basically fried instant noodle wrapped in omelette.


Had it with black iced coffee without sugar yumminess. S said I'm like one of those old folks who drink black coffee without sugar and the only thing I'm missing is not having it hot. I don't think only old people takes their black coffee without sugar these days. Am I right?

It was really good!

Anyway, it's nice that our office is right across KLCC. I have always loved taking photos of the towers. Now I get to take from many different angles.




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