Happy Friday

Happy Friday everyone!!

I am typing this while listening to O o-h child by The Five Stairsteps hahaha somehow makes me feel like it's Saturday already!

Anyway this morning while making Zahed's usual oats in Milo I had this funny thought. Zahed drinks Milo! Hahaha and I think Milo is for kids. Sorry I know that's is so judgmental but like I said this is just a funny thought I had this morning. It never really came across my mind before. So I was laughing quietly while preparing his breakfast :p no, I did not mention this to him.

I ordered the SEQY Beauty BB cream yesterday and the seller was kind enough to do a delivery to my office this morning.

It was RM55 per bottle. I tried it on and I managed to wear it until the end of the day without wanting to scratch my face so I guess that's alright. But I think I should get a darker color.

I recently bought this fruit infusing water bottle because Tee made me! Well I've been drinking fruit infused water during my atkins days. What I did is just put all the fruits and leaves in a jug of water and leave it in the refrigerator. This, obviously makes everything easier so I'd say it was worth my RM30.

My bro Xavier agreed to join me for lunch. We haven't seen each other for months! He suggested that we buy a sandwich and some coffee and have our lunch in the park while catching up. Best lunch idea ever! It was so quiet I think we had more time talking. I even saw 2 robins flying around this tree.

Another lip shimmer came in the mail today :p

I know it's getting a little out of hand. I'll stop buying lip balm/stain/shimmer/gloss for now ok

Zahed took me and Laith to Empire Damansara for dinner. We went to The Gravy Factory and the food was marvelous. Me and Laith had spaghetti while Zahed had steak.

The service was superb too! Laith for the first time, finished a whole plate of Spaghetti in carbonara sauce.
We're home now. Zahed is watching John Wick on the ipad. We have nonplans tomorrow since Zahed needs to work full day.. Perhaps do a little gardening? We'll see...

Anna the Owl

That's Anna the owl checking her face in the rear view mirror this morning. She now resides in Zahed's car. I accidentally left her there and Zahed said she can stay so I let her.

Anyway, today was okay. Better than yesterday. Me and Tee had a fun time at Sephora. We did some imaginary shopping as Tee calls it. We tried a bb cream , I honestly can't remember the brand( typical Leila) but when we put it on, our skin was flawless!! I have always hated wearing foundation because my face gets tired and my eyes gets itchy. This BB cream seems to work well. I can hardly feel it on my face well not until I've worn it for 5 hours. It started to get uncomfortable when I was on my way home and my eyes were both red after I washed my face... Guess I need to find another brand that suits me.. Well I just ordered one actually and will write about that soon.

I also wanted to remind myself in this post about how thankful I am to have such a good boss. I know I've said this many times and I do mean it everytime I say it. He doesn't even know the existence of this blog so I am not a** kissing! Well sometime he can be difficult but when I think about how hard he works and the sacrifices that he makes, I think facing a difficult version of him is really nothing compared to the stuff that he does for this company. I seriously think he is a good leader. So the next time I rant about how difficult he is, please remind me to re read this post!

This is going to be a short one with only one photo. I promise to try harder tomorrow ok. I am having a hard time keeping my eyes open too.. Goos night!

Lip balm addiction

Look what came in the mail today!! My Carousell haul!!!

I'm not sure if I have mentioned this before but I love lip stuff!! I love collecting lip balms, lip glosses, lipstick, lip scrub etc. just to prove that, let me show you what I have in the bag and in the office.

Yup I have all that in the office.. You don't want to know what I have at home! Haha

Anyway today has been quite a day.. Receiving this parcel surely made my day :)

I forgot to mention that I started my low carb diet again recently.

Last time I did this I managed to lose almost 20kg in 6 months. Lets hope this time it works too. Tee had this red ruby which I recommend next time you go to Little Penang Cafe

Do you notice how hot it is in Kuala Lumpur these few days? I know it rained but when it's hot, it's really hot. I even found traces of blood in my mucus when I blow my nose. Laith developed some mild rashes too. Heard that this will last til end of April! The household has been discussing about buying one of those huge water container and leave it on the balcony. Our experience with water shortage last year wasn't pretty so we want to be well prepared this year. What are your preparations?

RPM's first birthday

This morning Zahed decided to drive me and Laith on his new (old) car. As usual I'd be putting on my face powder and lip balm in the car. However as I was taking out the posder drom my bag, I realized that tgere was no mirror!! So I decided to make use of mg phone's front camera. As I was done with my lipbalm I noticed someone watching me from the back. So here is a selfie!
Work has been so busy in the morning. I had so much to do and a meeting with one of LinkedIn rep was scheduled at 10.00am. I only managed to have my breakfast at 11.30am
Then the Boss wanted to have a Team Lunch to celebrate RPM's first anniversary
What's a celebration without a cake right? Well that was what my Boss said although he likes to make it look like I'm the one with a sweet tooth :p

Tee bought the red velvet cake from Bisou.gonna admit that she has a great taste! Everyone loved the cake. My diet went into the drain but lets call today a cheat day shall wee?
It was definitely a busy day with the Boss being in the office the whole day makes tome moves much faster. He just hinted at me that he needs more candidates to interview eeps!!!
Anyway, Happy Birthday RPM!!! You have achieved so much for a one year old.... So proud of you!

Long Holiday Recap

As I mentioned before we get a really long weekend for the Chinese New Year Holiday (Thursday (19/02/2015) and Friday (20/02/2015)) and I took an extra day off on Wednesday just so that I can have an extra day to rest :p

Zahed started his holiday on Wed afternoon but he had some errands to do. He actually got a car for himself, a "site car" he calls it. He claims that he needs an old car to drive to his site office because driving our family car is not practical especially when they are doing the concrete slaps which makes sense but he's not gonna fool me haha. I know that's not entirely the reason but it's good for me to practice my skills on driving a manual car (yeah it's a manual transmission car)

Anyway, we woke up hungry on Thursday morning and Laith wanted to have some lontong for breakfast and the one place we know that sell a very tasty lontons is in Kampung Baru! right opposite Setia Sky Residence. We were lucky to have some entertainment while having our breakfast.

I posted this video on Facebook and someone criticized about this being unhealthy trend. That this is just the same as begging for money on the street and that they are so noisy and annoying. I honestly can't relate to him because 1st of all they are not beggars, they more like buskers. Secondly, not everyone are lucky and these bunch senior citizens whom obviously doing this for the fun of it and you don't get to see performance like this these days. this is a traditional Malay music by the way. So what are your thoughts on this?

I had a nice cup of coffee and some curry puffs while the boys have their Lontong. There was a really long queue for the Lontong. We had to wait for 10 min for our turn.

The rest of the day was spent at home watching movies. Zahed's friend came over and they spent time outside talking about the car while I watch Earth to Echo with Laith and the friend's wife whom is also a college friend of mine. It was a really nice movie. I think Laith really enjoyed it. 

The rest of the day was spent lazing around and then my MIL felt like eating Nasi Padang for dinner so we headed to Sari Ratu in Ampang. I had their Avocado drink which was yummy!

The next day we decided to go to Damansara Perdana. Zahed's friend (who came the day before) suggested we go there and check out Empire Damansara and it was really nice and the best part is they have so many coffee shops there.. Sadly I had my coffee in the morning so I didn't feel like having coffee there.

We head to Wisma Mustapha Kamal because the nearest ATM Machine was there. Boo! Empire Damansara should really consider having some ATM Machines in their building. That building was fantastic!! I love looking at the red bricks. Well, what do you expect they are a developer :p

Most of the restaurants were closed for Chinese New Year. I noticed that they only have restaurants there, except for 2 or 3 boutiques other than that, it's just food oh and 1 7-Eleven Store. Have I ever mentioned to you that Laith is obsessed with 7-Eleven? Everytime we pass by 7-Eleven he would come out with something that he 'needs' to buy. tsk tsk

Later Zahed took us to Desa Park City. He was there before for one oh his training with REHDA. He was telling me about how nice that place is and when we were there, I couldn't agree more with him. It's like a small city in KL. They even have their own mall, Clubhouse and people were on their bicycle along the road. That is just amazing to me. i would love to ride a bicycle to the mall someday. We wanted to check out their clubhouse but they were closed for the holiday Boo!! I only managed to take 2 photos there because I was distracted by the lovely view there.

The last stop on that day was Publika because Zahed wanted to have some coffee. We've troed Coffee Ritual so this time around we wanted to try someplace else. Coffee Stain was closed and right beside it was CoffeeSociété. I had their Americano with 3 espresso shots. I think that was by far the strongest coffee I've ever had! It was good though. Zahed had their long black whilst Laith had some Mocha. I get to eat Crème brûlée! It was nice and not too sweet too!

I think lil Man was high on Caffeine. JK!!!

Later when we got home, we got ready to head Zahed's uncle's place. They have a Islamic Religious Class there every Friday. I normally skip the class because every time I get home on Friday, i'm always too tired to go out again. Which is a really lame excuse... I really enjoyed the class and I think I'm gonna make an effort to at least attend 2 classes a month. It's free and open to public and they provide food as well. Starts at 7.00pm and ends after Isya' prayer.

Anyway, Saturday morning was spent doing lazing at home again. Zahed and my MIL had to go to Selayang. My FIL who was in Nepal at that time texted telling my MIL that Dato Yusuf Haslam's (his childhood friend) mother passed away. My MIL woke Zahed up in the morning and they both went there for the Tahlil. Zahed came home later in the afternoon and he took an hour nap and later in the evening we headed to KLCC Park. Laith wanted to go to the playground. 

One of my really close friend texted me while I was at the Park and after exchanging a few texts we then decided to have dinner together at Chilli's 

Zahed was teaching Laith on how to play hop skotch and then later a 2 kids came and joined them haha.

We then headed to the Surau to perform our Maghrib prayers and then headed to Chilli's

The kids sure had fun. I think I should do a proper planning next time. Maybe a fishing trip with them :)

Not So Extra-ordinary day

We just came back from our day trip to Segamat. You would think of all days, why today when everyone is coming back from their hometown for the long holiday? Well, it's because we(Zahed, Me, laith & my MIL) needed to send Zahed's sister back to her college.

We left home at 10.30am. Stopped by at Espresso Lab for some coffee (duh!) and then went to a Pharmacy to get Zahed's heat patch. he has been having major shoulder pain.

It was a smooth drive to Segamat. We took the LEKAS highway  and then go through Kuala Pilah and managed to reach Segamat at 3.30pm for a late lunch. Soon after we dropped my SIL at her college, we head to the college mosque for prayers. We left Segamat at 4.30pm.

We used the same route home.

There were a few traffic jam but not major ones. We even made it to LEKAS exit to KL at 7.30pm

In time for Maghrib prayers, we decided to stop at a Mosque in Taman Rakan Cheras. That was when it all started. Our car broke down. As Zahed was changing to the reverse gear to park the car, the car did not respond. So Zahed went and switched off the engine and that was a bad move! The car wouldn't start after that because it the engine will only start when the gear is at "P"and even when we pushed the gear to P it still didn't work. We had to call a tow truck.

After performing our prayers, we managed to contact the insurance provider and we get a free tow home. Luckily there was a restaurant nearby so me, my MIL and Laith had our dinner while Zahed waited in the car. I forgit to mention that we couldn't even take the keys out. In case you were wondering, I did buy Zahed his food. I'm not that mean ok! haha

So tonight in history, we were in our car riding a Car Carrier. I tried to sleep but it was too shaky. My poor my MIL was scared because the lorry was shaking pretty hard. The driver did not have the courtesy to slow down when he goes through a hump! tsk tsk. We managed to reach home 15 mins ago. And now to get some sleep for tomorrow is Monday!!! Sigh i forsee it's gonna be a really bad case of Monday Blues for me! :p

Miracle Bio Water by Bio Essence

I've been searching for a good face mist ever since my skin became flaky (really bad on the spot between my eyebrows). My sister is using Clinelle and I've tried it but I don't think it works well for my skin. It becomes a little oily. I found this Miracle Bio Water early this month and there was a promotion so I decided to give it a try.


The best thing about this Miracle Bio Water is that it is for face, hair and skin. Yup, all three! But I do think 'miracle' water is a bit exaggerating ��


Anyway moving on.. Let me tell you how it works for me.


On my face

Normally I'd put on my daily moisturizing cream and Vit C serum on my face in the morning and when Zohor prayers come, I'll need to wash them off and will only apply them again after Asar prayers and in between the two prayers, my face is left nothing on it and I notice that my face gets really dry when it's left bear. I used to have a really bad habit of not applying anything, even moisturizers on weekends and I guess that has led to this flaky skin. So I'd spray my face as a temporary moisturizer and it works well.


I normally take my bath a little late on the weekends. Earliest is 11 am ��. Eww?? Well don't worry I never leave home without showering so there is not a chance for you to see me unshowered.. Haha. So I don't even wash my face until I shower ( I do brush my teeth before breakfast in case you are wondering) and I normally wake up with a super oily face!! I tried spraying my face first thing After Subuh Prayers and guess what? My face becomes less oily! Seems like the bio water absorbed all the oil on my face.


It also works well in keeping my skin fresh especially on a really hot day. The monsoon season is coming to an end soon so this will be very handy especially when I need to walk outdoors during lunch time.




On the skin

Laith developed some mild rashes on his right hand and left cheek due to the heat. He felt uncomfortable and started scratching his skin which led to redness so I decided to spray some on his skin and he told me he felt better and less irritated.

As for Zahed, I sprayed them on his face yesterday when he said he felt sleepy and he instantly felt fresh ��


On the hair

Another bad habit of mine after I started wearing my hijab is not caring enough about my hair. My hair is always dry and tangly so I tried spraying on my hair and it doesn't really feel instantly soft but it does feel hydrated. Anyway, I need a haircut soon!


The verdict

  1. The Miracle Bio Water is good for temporary moisturizer. I wouldn't recommend you substituting this to your daily moisturizing cream.
  2. Works well with & without make up. Most of the time my face gets tired easily when I wear makeup so I'd spray this on my face every hour when I have my make up on.
  3. Get the 100ml bottle so that you can carry one in your bag all the time



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