Project Green fingers #13

♥She Loves Coffee♥

Haven't been updating on my plants because I haven't been spending much time with them (except for watering them in the morning and evening) I do spend time on weekends but not as long as I used to. Everyone is fine, still alive that is.

Oh I'm so proud of this one

This is Celosia argentea and it's malay name is balung ayam which means cocks comb :)

My tomato plant has grown and I can't wait to pluck my own tomatoes already!!!

and someone's been feeding on my kailan leaves hmmmm

my small vegetable patch. I plant to add more vegetables after raya insyaAllah

No more coffee after 10.00pm in Ramadhan

♥She Loves Coffee♥

Last Tuesday we had iftaar at one of our favourite Thai restaurant in Kg Baru. I was craving for cashew nut chicken and I think they serve one of the best. Laith on the other hand was craving for his favourite donut from Cake Sense KLCC. This was part of our conversation on him asking me to get him the donuts.

Laith: Mama, can you buy me the chocolate donuts tomorrow?
Leila: InsyaAllah(God Willing).
Laith: Promise?
Leila: InsyaAllah.
Laith: Why can't you promise?
Leila: Because I might forget so insyaAllah I'll try not to forget.
Laith: oh okay..

A while later

Laith: Mama, can you please remember that I placed my extra pajamas here (we keep his wardrobe in another room and he had mistakenly taken extra into our room)

and then a short pause

Laith: It's ok mama, I think this will be too much for you because you need to remember about the donuts. Just remember about the donuts okay, I'll take care of this.

Hahahahah that was super cute! So anyway, after having that conversation there is no way I could forget to buy the donuts right?

Anyway, back to my iftaar in Kampung Baru. We headed to the mosque in Dato Keramat for our prayers after iftaar. Zahed suggested that we go to Jalan TAR (again!) We went there and changed our mind when we saw the huge crowd. I was really thankful for that.

Zahed suggested that we go somewhere for some coffee and cake which I quickly said yes to. I never say no to coffee by the way. We drove around and realized most coffee shops are closed by that time and remembered Espressolab in Melawati.

Zahed's Cappuccino 

My Latte

brownie with vanilla ice cream on top


Everything was delicious and I was really happy until it was 1.00am and I was still wide awake!!! I tried shutting my eyes and it didn't work. I think I managed to fall asleep at 2 something and then at 4.00am I was wide awake again. Take my advice, never take any form of coffee after 10.00pm on a Ramadhan night no matter how tempting it was!

I had a pretty interesting morning in the train yesterday. When me, Tee and Myra got into the train, a guy who was sitting offered us to sit in the empty seat beside him. Tee explained to him that that the three of us were together and we preferred to stand and talk... and then Myra suddenly walked to the opposite side of us haha. This guy looked a little peculiar at first and right when I was thinking about it he went "I just had a brain surgery". Like he read my mind. Then he offered the seat to Tee again saying "If you want to be pregnant, you can sit next to me" which got us laughing. I think he meant that if either pf us were pregnant, we could sit next to him but neither of us were so we politely said no. Then Tee whispered to "I wonder where he's going?" and right after that that guy went "I'm going to KL Sentral, where are you going?" that freaked me a little and then I can see other passengers' eyes on me. He was still waiting for me to answer so I said "my stop is KLCC" and then me and Tee chatted as usual. Right when I was getting off the train I said good bye to him and he replied like a little boy with a wave :) That kind of made my morning.

Anyway, I made macaroni and cheese for Laith yesterday and he loved it. it's his 10th day of fasting today and we are very proud of him. We try to reward him with by making/buying food or drinks that he loves.

Latest news: I recently started watching Grey's Anatomy and I'm hooked!

Laith full day fasting experience

Little Man been doing a half day fasting since first Ramadhan. However last Tuesday, he decided to do a full day. I was a little worried at first because he didn't have his sahur earlier but I was really proud of his determination at the same time. We were so proud when he insists on waiting until Maghrib we even cheered for him and today marks his 5th day. I'm so proud of him. My first dull day fasting was when I was 8 I think and this Little Man is only 6.

Though don't get me wrong because it wasn't easy peasy at all. He gets pretty cranky when he starts feeling thirsty and hungry. That usually happens after 6.00pm. He would whine and complain so me and Zahed would try to find ways to distract him. This involves TV, trips to Bazaar Ramadhan, Xbox on weekends, water the plants and sleeping. Haha. Sahuur is not so challenging with this guy. On days when he doesn't feel like eating what's served on the table, he would request for oats and he would finish a whole bowl of oats.

Anyway, we went to Jalan TAR on Friday night. Managed to get Zahed's and Laith's baju melayu. It was really crowded and little Man who did not take any nap since sahuur ( he followed his dad to the mosque for Subuh and when they got home it was time to get ready for school and then according to my MIL he did not take his afternoon nap) kept asking to go home. We didn't want to take him at first but we had to because we need to get him his baju melayu as well as his Capal which is all done now weeee!

Anyway, meet Alvin. He was showing off some of his acrobatic skills to me on Saturday morning while I clean up his cage.


We went to Jalan TAR again on Saturday night since we had to leave in such a hurry the night before.

this is what it looks like at Jalan TAR at night during Ramadhan. Well actually, it's way crowded compared to the photo :p

Anyway, how's your Monday. Mine was okay I guess. Have a great week!

Good to eat coffee scrub

♥She Loves Coffee♥

I got this as a Birthday present from Myra and i'm not quite sure why she chose to give me a coffee product that I could not consume. Is it her idea of torturing me? Haha obviously I was kidding.Lame, I know... but yeah, she know how much I love coffee so she thought it would be great to give me this homemade coffee scrub that she bought from her friend's Instagram shop.

I finally managed to try it last weekend and was pretty amazed at how smooth and soft my skin was after one round of scrub. Pretty amazing effect so I think I should do this every week.

Anyway, I'm so happy it's Friday already!!! Zahed managed to convinced me to go to Jalan TAR tonight and to my surprise Laith wanted to join us so we'll see how that goes. We are viewing a potential apartment (yeah, we're house hunting... not on the serious mode though but still looking mode) on Saturday. It's in Ukay Perdana. Yeah the Ukay Perdana with horrible traffic every morning and every evening!!! that's the one thing I hate about Ukay Perdana. It has only one entrance and it's a bottle neck traffic unless if you don't mind taking the long way through Bukit Antarabangsa's entrance. I'm more keen on this one unit in Kemensah. It's an old unit but looks pretty decent. This is my first house hunting so if you have any advice on what to look for and what to avoid, please do share.

Have you done your Raya shopping?

♥She Loves Coffee♥

I saw this video on facebook this morning


and then in the comment section someone said "they are quarreling because they have not gone Raya Shopping and Raya is around the corner" hahaha. Eversince I got married, me and Zahed would do our raya Shopping at Jalan TAR after our Tarawikh prayers. It was fun because we would go on our scooter and after shopping we'd stop at a mamak place for supper :) If you are wondering, Laith would have been asleep by then so we would normally leave him with Zahed's mum. Anyway, we have not done any shopping yet and I dread the thought of going to Jalan TAR late at night because I would be super sleepy by 10.30pm these days (aging factor I believe). To my huge excitement I found out that Lazada is having their BIG RAYA SALE so this would be a good idea to get parts of the sopping done online Weeee. If you are excited as I am, hurry up and go to the link below coz their sale ends tomorrow!!! Happy Shopping!

Lazada Malaysia

Thoughts Reflections

Me and Tee had a de-stressing session yesterday. That involved 15 mins in Mothercare which I have been forewarned by Tee to not judge her haha. I don't judge her really, I just enjoy teasing/annoy her in a friendly way of course.

We made a stop in typo. Been eyeing a drawing journal but I think that will have to wait until I've settled with my Eid shopping. Tee on the other hand was eyeing this thoughts reflection journal. It's basically a book that contains daily question and it's like a 3 year project so you get to compare your answers for the same question in 3 different years. She thought that it would be an awesome way of de-stressing coz the question is kind of therapeutic e.g what did you have for lunch today? Was it good? Kind of questions. I on the other hand, think it's too much commitment (which brings me to me project 365 which has been abandoned for months! Eeeps!!! Is it ok for me to bundled up 3 months of photos in one post so that I can catch up with my project 365??)

While Tee was paying for her journal, i was standing nearby admiring some cute looking pens. Tee was being a little weird because I saw her buying 2 books so I asked her "what's the other book?" She quickly answered "just a diary" but she didn't even bothered to take out and show it to me which was really weird too but I just brush the thought off and said "you sure about getting a diary? We are struggling to even manage a daily blog post and you are getting a diary?" ( I somehow sound mean when I type it here but really I said it in a joking manner... Right Tee?) anyway that conversation ended there and she never showed me her other book. Well not until we were back in the office and I made a short visit to the ladies and to my surprise, I found this in my desk!

It was a really pleasant surprise! Never saw that coming at all! I jokingly said to her "I told you this is too much commitment for me!" But she just went "that is why I got one for you and one for me. So that we could motivate each other to do it daily". Very sneaky lady this one! I thought that we get to read each other's thoughts but I almost got hit by her for trying to read her first notes :p anyway, thanks so much Tee!! Now I have an extra item to carry in my hoarder bag :p

Below is Mee goreng Mamak ala Leila. This is my specialty during Ramadhan. Specially requested by Zahed and my FIL. They both loved it Alhamdulillah. Zahed thought that it would be a great idea to get a food truck and sell mee goreng mamak hahaha. I hope he wasn't being sarcastic... Hmm

I was in awe when I saw these lovely tomatoes in Isetan. Seriously, those tomatoes are sooooooooo beautiful and still intact in one tiny branch or whatever that is called... So crazy jealous... My tomato plant is yet to produce fruits...and oh look at those tiny cute capsicums! It almost look like wax don't you think??? I think I need tondo more research on planting and work harder in my garden!!! *fighting!!*

Anyway, I am so grateful for today has been a nice day for both me and Tee. No stress but lots of laughing before heading home ;) that was nice

Our First Ramadhan Buffet this year

♥She Loves Coffee♥
Last Sunday we headed to Segamat early in the morning because we were sending my younger SIL to her college and she has a class at 12.00pm. I felt sorry for Zahed who was the one who drove us (me, my PIL, my SIL and Laith) to Segamat because I know that he must be tired and sleepy after the eventful Saturday with Alvin and we only managed to get a few hours sleep. We managed to get to Segamat at 9.30 am (left KL at 7.30am). Zahed took a short nap before we headed back to KL.
On our way back to KL, my PIL made a stop to get some durians since they are in season now. I'm not a durian fan but I do love tempoyak! We drove back to KL smelling like durians :p. On our way back, we delivered some of the durians to Zahed's aunty's and uncle's places in Ulu Langat & Hillview. Laith saw a video on facebook which was on Highland Towers and kept asking about it. Since the remaining of Highland Towers was near to Zahed's uncle's place we drove past the remaining buildings and showed it to Laith. It was such a tragedy... can't believe it has been 22 years already! If you would like to know more about the tragedy, here are some videos from Youtube.

Anyway, we got home early at 3.30pm. Zahed had an hour nap. We thought of getting the ayam golek (grilled chicken) that I like from Kg Baru so we headed out at 5.00pm. However being fickle minded that we are, we decided to go to a Ramadhan buffet instead. It was 6.00 pm when we changed our mind and we were in the middle of KL that time. Near Chow Kit road to be exact haha. So you can imagine what traffic was like.
Made a few calls and most of the places were fully booked. We headed back to Ulu Kelang and then I recalled seeing a Ramadhan Buffet banner on our way home from the LRT station last Friday and we quickly headed there. It's in KL East gallery for your info and it's where the show houses are for Serini & Veo project by Sime Darby. We were lucky they have 2 more tables left. It was right at the entrance but it was fine with us. They charge RM 38 for adults and RM 16 for child and the food was pretty good. The mee bandung and grilled lamb was superb. It's not that often I get to eat delicious mee bandung in KL especially in Ramadhan buffets so this mee bandung I shall give 4 out of 5 stars.

I can see us going there again before Ramadhan 2015 ends :)
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