Books to read by May 2015

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I finished reading Rainbow Rowell's Eleanor & Park on the train today. My sister Tya recommended this book to me last year but I kept forgetting so yesterday when I was getting a little tired of reading a nonfiction book on my Kindle app, I decided perhaps I should read something from my fiction library since I have time to read. I wanted to read Landline first but right beside it I saw Eleanor & Park. Was contemplating at first because my sister did mention to me that this is a young adult fiction. I am obviously not a young adult :p

For a short while I went to goggle for a review and then I saw a book trailer on youtube and when I saw it I decided heck I should just read it. And since I told you that I finished it this  morning on the train, then you would know what an awesome book it is!

So after finishing this book I decided to find other books to read. A to-read list as they call it. Here goes (in no particular order)

1. To All the Boys I've Loved Before - Jenny Han  (I've actually finished reading this one last night)

This one is a sequel to "To the boys I've loved Before". I was halfway reading the first book and then I found out from my sister that there will be a sequel. Note that I said"will be". It only gets published in May!!!! oh the waiting game!! thank God it's only a  month away..

I've had this book for quite a while and I keep losing my interest after the first chapter. If you have read this, please tell me if I should finish it or not?

6. The art of Lainey- Paula Stokes

Yup, that's about it. Unless if I get to finish all of them before May :p

Short trip to Fraser's Hills

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My MIL came to our room on Sunday morning and told me that she and my FIL would like to go to Fraser's Hills if we didn't have any plans for the day. Well, honestly we didn't have any firm plans, just a visit to the supermarket so we agreed.

This time around we skipped the trip to Sg. Chilling because my FIL wasn't feeling too well. So off we went to Fraser's Hills. We left home at 11.00am and reached the dam near Kuala Kubu Bahru at 12.00pm. We made a stop for some photos

Spent 10 minutes there and we headed uphill. My PIL initially planned to have steak for lunch but Laith demanded for rice so instead of having lunch at Scott's Restaurant, we had our lunch at the food court. He did get to eat his rice and lucky for the rest of us, they served steak as well :p

It started raining by the time we were done with lunch and it was super cold. I was super loving it! We headed to Allan's water and visited the vegetable farm next to it because my MIL wanted to buy more of those chinese radish and cabbage.

She definitely enjoyed picking the vegetables in the rain.

We later headed to the Paddock because Laith wanted a horse ride. Sadly they were too lazy to operate? Why I say too lazy? Well because it has stopped raining by then but they refuse to operate and there was no one waiting at the counter. My FIL went and took videos of the horses at the stable and one guy came telling him "no entry, next time ask permission to come in instead of barging in". Well, how the hell are we supposed to get a permission when all of you are sleeping in your office?! Yeah Perbadanan Kemajuan Bukit Fraser should really pay attention to the people they post on the front lines. Fraser's Hills is a tourist spot so it is really important to have decent mannered people on the front lines. Not to mention the fence that needs fixing as they are falling apart!

I took some photos at the Paddock. My MIL told me that this used to look really nice and was one of the spot where they filmed the commercial for Salem.

It was 3.00pm when we were at the Paddock. We had to wait for an hour til tea time at Ye Olde Smokehouse so Laith suggested that we go to Allans Water and ride the paddling boat. Well why not?

Laith loved it very much! Me and MIL had a ride too and it was really fun exploring the small lake in that very cozy weather. No photos of us though because someone forgot to take photos.

We headed to the mosque for our prayers after the trip to Allan's Water. The water is so cold and refreshing! I kept imagine what it's be like during fasting month there.

I had some fun with macro photography after my prayers.

 and my favourite is this one

 By the time we were all done it was tea time at Ye Olde! My FIL has been eager to have some scones and tea at Ye Olde Smokehouse. Apparently the last time he was there was 12 years ago.

photo credits to google images
Ye Olde Smokehouse would be a perfect place if you want to experience living in an old cottage. You can find that this historical building was built in 1924!

We were seated at a coffee table by the fireplace which was fabulous and the best part was they had a flat screen tv there and Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest was playing. (have I mentioned how much the whole family loves Pirates of the Carribean?)

Me and Laith went for a short tour on the 1st floor. The second floor is where the bedrooms are.

and right after we were done with tea, Laith wanted to go to the garden and ride the cute little swing.

We headed home after that. Well it was quite hard to leave the cosy sofa when a nice movie is on so it took us almost 20 minutes after we finished our tea to really leave! :p

The last time we were there it was not as cold hence there was no fog unlike this time :) The air was so refreshing!


Project Green Fingers #12

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You have no idea how excited I am to share this great news with you. Well here goes : My vegetables are sprouting!!!!

Lets start with my Red Spinach

Guess you can tell how excited I am since I took 4 photos and even in macro!

And then  when I check my Kailan (a.k.a chinese broccoli or chinese kale) and they have sprouted too!!!!

Look at those cute lil green fellas! Can't wait to pluck them. 

That's not all, even my Salad has started sprouting too

I started a new seedling project too. This time I planted more Kailan, some tomatoes and some coriander.

Not to mention that the tomato seedling that I planted here has sprouted too.

That's from my macro lens this morning. Can't wait for it to grow bigger. This is just so exciting!!!
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