Sicky icky

I'm down with a really painful throat, flu and fever right hurts so much when swallowing my own saliva.

Here are some sneak peek on our awesome weekend.

Hope to feel better soon so I could write a proper post.

Til then.. Goodnight

Project green fingers #12

In deep sadness I would like to announce that the seedlings that I planted in the seedling tray has all wilted. *cries* the weather has been to hot for them to survive and i'm not at home all the time to water them. I guess we'll try again soon.

Anyways, my red spinach has grown beautifully. I think we are able to harvest them by next month.

This plant on the other hand started growing. I honestly forgot what plant this was. I planted the seed 2 months ago and thought it won't grow and I was surprised to discover this last week.

I had another pleasant surprise when I found this little guy. My SIL planted this... Well more like sprinkling the seeds from her papaya on the soil haha. My dad told me that you should just remove the white coating on the papaya seed before planting the seed in order for them to grow.

This is the cabbage that my dad gave me last 2 week

Look at it now :)

Lastly, my chilli plant. Took a while for it to start sprouting but it grows pretty quick after that

My tomato plant died *cries again*. I have planted some new seeds earlier this week so hopefully it will grow healthily this time. Any tips??


I came to work early today because I had an interview scheduled at 9.00am. To my huge disappointment, that girl was a no show. It's funny because she was the one who insisted to have the 9.00am slot. On top of that, she didn't even have the courtesy to answer the phone when I rang her up. I had 7 interviews lined up today and there were 3 no shows. All with the same attitude. I just don't understand how some people could be so unethical. Well there is a bright side to that actually, I was able to spend more time doing the HR manual and managed to get everything finalized by 7.00pm wee hoo!

Did I tell you that my sugar glider is pregnant again? Yeah, Sweet cheek's is expecting again and I think it will be twins this time around.

Aren't they a cute couple? By the way that's Big Chill on the left.

Me and Tee had lunch at The Loaf yesterday. I had their chicken and cheese panini and minestrone soup. So how do you actually pronounce minestrone? I used to say "mine-strone" until the boss pronounced it as "me-nes-tro-nee". And then, the other day I heard this waiter pronounce it as "mine-stro-nee". So which one is the correct pronunciation? Anyway their minestrone soup was delicious!

I had a long day at work. So glad that I managed to complete the HR manual today. On my way back on the train, this nice girl whom I think is in her early twenties offered her seat to me. It felt like she read my mind or perhaps she saw how exhausted I was. I was really thankful because I was really tired. Bless that girl.

Anyway, we're heading to Port Dickson tomorrow! Weee hooo

Do's and Don'ts when applying for a job

♥She Loves Coffee♥
I have been pretty busy lately. We just acquired 3 new projects which is good but that also means that we will need more people. So that is when I come in.
We have a few positions to be filled and I would do interviews for the entry level positions while the boss interviews the higher positions. It has been a while since I last do a full process of recruiting. From posting ad, acquiring resume, shortlisting candidates and finally mane an offer. The last position was for Document Controller somewhere in November. Wow almost 6 months.. But no worries, I ain't that rusty yet.
After going through the process of shortlisting candidates on jobstreet and conducting the interview, I keep having this urge to write a post about the do' and don'ts when applying for a job. Well at least from my point of view. Here goes
1. Make any typo error in your resume. Especially on the header/title of your current position. It leaves the impression that you are not serious about getting a job. I've seen "admin assitant" , "Receptionis" and I can't help but hit reject. Sorry, I just can't help it because the boss is verrrrryyy particular when it comes to typo errors.
2. Upload photos that are not the right size - I have one candidate who uploaded her photo which is the size of my pinky finger. Another turn off is photos that are not rotated properly. Haha sounds a little funny right? Having the interviewer to tilt their head sideways when looking at your CV is not a good idea. For me, it shows whether you are a commited person or not.
3. Upload photos that are personal. I found a few selfies/wefies photos used for photos on CV. Wefies are the worst. Imagine having a photo of you and your bestie on your CV. That won't make you look professional.
4. Use inappropriate email addresses. I've seen emails like, and And I think it's important to have a more professional looking email like or for example.
1. Reply to the interview invitation. Whether you are interested or not, let them know. You may not know that you might apply to their company again in the future so it's important to leave a good impression.
2. Dress moderately. We had one lady came for an interview last year and the boss was conducting the interview. She looked like she was heading to the club right after the interview with all the blings on her top and oversized rings. Me and Tee thought that was a little awkward.
3. Stay within the range. I mean when you are talking to the interviewer. Don't talk too much, just stay within the topic. Talking too much would leave an impression that you are trying to distract the interviewer from asking real questions. At least that's how I feel ;p
4. Be confident, put on a smile and do your best.
That's all I can think of at the moment. Do you have any other do's and don'ts that you want to add?

Weekend recap

Today was not as stressful as last Monday, thank god and to top that good news with something sweeter, I am now a proud aunt to my lovely little niece. First grand daughter in the family(Zahed's side) and I can't wait to meet her for the first time tomorrow.

Anyway weekend was short for us. We went to KGB Bangsar for the first time on Friday after work. Laith wanted to join his grandmother to Zahed's uncle's place so it was just the two of us.


Zahed wanted to have their Bella Bomb Tower but they were sold out so he settle for Truffel'd Swiss Mushroom.
i had their Bash which was just perfect. It tastes better than Johnny Rockets to me. Plus the patty was delicious. *salivating*

Zahed had to work a whole day on Saturday. Me and Laith stayed home watching my nephew because my PIL had to sent my SIL (the one with the new bundle of joy) to the hospital.

I made fish curry as requested by Zahed. Doesn't he ever get sick of it?

Anyway, when he got home, we head out to Hospital Ampang to send some stuff to my SIL. We were thinking of having some Thai food for dinner then Laith mentioned that he wanted to have some waffles. I had a better idea, so we headed to Paddington House of Pancakes :p

Zahed hated his burger haha. Guess pancakes with beef patty is a huge No No.

I had their wild mushroom spaghetti which was just okay to me.

Laith loved his spaghetti with carbonara sauce though ( sorry I forgot to take a photo of it) and he also loved his sinful chocolate drink.

And that was not all, we had their dessert which is highly recommended if you just had a stressful week.

I think this bowl of "pot of gold" is enough to feed 3 tummies. We had a little struggle to finish it but Laith was such a champ when it comes to desserts :p

I managed to finish watching Bel Ami :) I was aired early last year actually but I kept contemplating whether to watch or not because I didn't quite like the actress but since my JKS fever is back, I guess why not? Hahah.. I loved it! So nice to see JKS acting again. I hope a new drama will come out soon. Hopefully one with him having a nice/ normal mother lol. He keeps having evil/weird kind of mother in all the other drama.

Time for bed now. Goodnight


Rough Day

I don't really like venting out about my stressful days at work in this blog of mine. Whenever I have the urge to vent out here, I quickly brush the thoughts away or sometimes just stop myself from typing a post. Today howvever, is exceptional. It has been quite stressful since last week and today is one of the worst. Sigh.
Normally me and Tee would go crazy on the train talking about imaginary stuff and then laugh so hard the people around us would start giving us 'the look'. The stuff we talk a out is always ridiculous and I think if I explain further you guys might think that we have some mental issues hahaha... But that is just our way to de-stress and it has worked so far.
It all started in the morning after a short discussion with the Boss. That means I have an extra pile of stuff that needs to be done and a few other stuff that has been eating my brain since last month... I got so stressed out so Me and Tee headed to KLCC for an early lunch.
I wasn't really in the mood of eating but then Tee suggested that we have waffles for lunch. It felt like she read my mind!! I totally needed some sugar after having a crazy morning. We headed to Wafflemeister. We have been wanting to try that place out for months.
Too bad they didn't have any coffee flavoured topping. Well, imho I think it was too sweet for my liking. I managed to clean up my plate though because who would want to waste an RM20 waffle right? Haha
The rest of lunch hour was spent cracking stupid jokes and laugh so hard.. Tee went "it must have been a really rough day for us since we are laughing this hard". She was right, but I am so thankful for having her or else I would have developed another migraine...
I hope tomorrow will be better for do you handle days like this??

Things on Tuesday

1. This lady from one of the stalls in our building's cafeteria. She's so pleasant and polite unlike the two stalls besides hers :p
That's her in pink :)
2. Oxford Comma - Vampire Weekend
I mentioned in my previous post how much I enjoy their song Step. Well, I kept listening to,their albums on Spotify and discovered this awesome song!
3. Rain
Do you notice how hot KL these days? I sure miss the monsoon season. Sometimes I feel sorry for people who works outdoor during the day like Zahed and my other colleagues whom are required to go to the site on most days. I was so thankful when I saw this on my way back today
4. Family Dinner at Gravy Factory
Me, Laith and Zahed went to Damansara Perdana for dinner. I had their sirloin steak, Zahed had their hainanese chicken chop while Laith had his carbonara. I ordered their tiramisu mille crépé and I don't quite like it. Well not as much as I love Humble Beginning's mille crepe... Their mushroom soup on the other hand is highly recommended.

1. Work has been hectic and it's not even funny! I will try not to rant....
2. Backstabbing people. Like seriously, I don't know how to handle these kind of people. Like in front of you they are so nice and when you are not around they go bitching about you.
3. Drama queens and king at workplace! Need I elaborate further?

Looking forward to
1. Watching The Avengers! Coming out soon!
2. The weekends
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