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Good afternoon everyone and TGIF!!!! wow this week has been fast don't you think? Me and Tee volunteered for Make-A-Wish Malaysia's Annual Charity Golf Tournament yesterday which was held at KLGCC. We were there by 9.00 am and since we arrived with hungry tummies, it only made sense for us to grab a quick breakfast in their cafe. I wasn't into overpriced roti boom but since the nearest restaurant requires us to drive, we settled for the in house cafe'. this is what an overpriced roti boom looks like :p

I guess RM 11 plus for a roti boom is still okay... :p

It was around 9.35 when I received a text from one of the committee member asking where we were. So we quickly paid our meals and went to do our assigned task. Our task was to decorate 56 buggies. Yup you read that right FIFTY SIX! The only good thing about it was we did it together me and Tee. We make a great team because something that would have taken 2 hours to be done was done in merely 1 hour by us the awesome duo!

At 1.30pm it was time to flag off the golfers!

It wasn't until 4.00pm that our body started aching, We stayed until 5.30pm and did not join the dinner event which was held til late. It was when I lay on my bed last night that my calves were aching so bad and Zahed promised me that he was going to give me a massage but he dozed off right after helping me with Laith's Teacher's Day presents.

Laith has a Teacher's Day Celebration at his school today. Every year, I would buy a small token of appreciation for his lovely teachers. It was chocolates last year but this year me and Zahed decided to find something more lasting since it is Laith's last year there. So, last Wednesday me and Tee went to Jalan TAR to hunt for my gifts and I found the perfect gift, 10 sets of telekung (muslim prayer dress). I bought the traveler's set. You know, the satin type in small bags. I can't believe I forgot to snap a photo of it this morning. Anyway, these are photos from our trip last Wednesday.

That trip to Jalan TAR was so much fun, we plan to do it again this following week!

Food Entry

Warning: This post contains photos of delicious food so please make sure you don't read this with an empty stomach :P

♥She Loves Coffee♥

I just realized that I have some photos of yummy food on my album which I haven't posted here (not that I am required to but I always believe that sharing is caring or in this case salivating :P)

Lets start with this Ipoh hor fun soup that I had at the Signatures Food Court in KLCC. The color may not look "fun" but take my word, it's simply delish!!!

This one is Home Style Fried Rice from Little Penang Cafe'. I had this twice this month. If you ever feel like having lunch at Little Penang Cafe', KLCC be sure to be there by 12.00pm on weekdays because usually (actually, every weekday without fail) there will be a long queue at the entrance!

Oh you should also order the Lor Bak because to me, if it costs less than RM8.00 per set, I would have ordered 3 sets everytime I go there!! All for myself of course!! :p

Have you tried Pizza Hut's Signature Series??? I have always been a huge fan of Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut has been a special place that me and my family goes to when I was in kidnergarten and even when we have all the new pizza restaurants in Malaysia, I still love Pizza Hut the most! 

I had their fisherman's catch. Zahed was telling me that I should order something else since this one has crab meat slices that we can just buy from a hypermarket. pfffft!!!! To my defense, the tuna topping was delicious and Zahed was the one who ate 4 slices.

Zahed chose Barbecue Bang and hated the barbecue sauce hahahahaa!!!! I know it's mean to laugh but why would you order something with barbecue sauce when you hate barbecue sauce??? Well, he did eat 2 slices even when he hated the barbecue sauce :p

These two pastas are from Cafe' Milano at Signature Food Court KLCC. I wanted to order seafood aglio at first but thought I needed some tomatoes for my skin that day so made a last minute change of mind at the counter and ordered seafood marinara instead. I decided that I made the right decision because it was superb!

The next day we (me and Tee) went there again because someone had an obsession towards the Ayam Penyet sold there so I thought maybe I should try the seafood aglio this time. So I did and still think marinara is way better!!!

This blue velvet cupcake , I shall call this the one that got away hahahah coz I managed to abstain myself from buying this when Tee dragged me to Bisou. We did buy a slice of red velvet cake though which was perfect for mood lifting (yep, another blue day for us)

The best maggi goreng can be found at Restoran Kayu Ampang! Stop shouting "unhealthy!" at me. I know it's not but it's delicious..... ok ok I'll try to think longer the next time I have the urge to order this one. pffft!

The best sardine pratha also comes from Restoran Kayu Ampang! My favourite gravy has to be dhal combined with sambal.

Last but not least is Beef & Shitake mushroom cheesy sandwich ala Leila!!!! I had this for my iftar last night and for breakfast today and packed one for Zahed this morning. Laith even finished one last night too! Yup a whole sandwich!

So I know you're gonna agree with me when I say the last 2 pictures looks like the most delicious dish! :p hahahah kidding! Well, I would love to share the very easy recipe with you some day though.. that is if you want one :)

Ok you can get some tissue now coz this is the end of the post :P

Things on Tuesday

♥She Loves Coffee♥


1. Newly found Library at Keramat Mall

We went to Keramat mall for breakfast on Sunday morning. There is this shop called Wan Chopati No 1 which serves really good chapati & poori and my FIL loves chapati so off we went there for breakfast. We decided to go for a short stroll in that building and much to our joy (mine & Laith's) we discovered a small library within the building. Laith did not understand the concept of library at first but when I told him that all the books in the library is free for him to read or  borrow, he was ecstatic! I was pleased to see his reaction. We spent 20 minutes in the library while waiting for my PIL who was sipping some fresh cow milk at a restaurant nearby. As we exited the library, Laith made me promise to take him there again and I said InsyaAllah I will :)

2. It's really easy to please this lady really. I was feeling a little low last week so I headed to Kinokuniya for some mood lifting and saw these yummylicious sets of colorful pen so I quickly paid for it and I love it! Makes my notes making more interesting! Yup I'm lame like that.

3. Laith fully recovered from his urine infection, Little Man has been having the habit of holding his pee and will only go to the toilet when he can't hold it anymore which is really bad which has led to this minor infection. Alhamdulillah he has recovered. I had to make sure that he drink lots of water and goes to the toilet every hour even when he doesn't feel like it! I'm grateful that this happened during the weekends so I was able to watch him 24/7 (even woke him up at wee hours to get him to pee!)

4. Cooking almost everyday! Yup ever since I got my new pan(read here) I've been cooking everyday. Its either breakfast or dinner and it's fun! Especially when I make steamed fish. Just put in everything and wait for 20-30 minutes and voila, dinner is served.


1. Finding out that my avocado plant will only start bearing fruits after 3-4 years!!! hahaha My dad told me that since the plant I bought was planted using a seed instead of marcotting, it will take longer for it to produce fruits. What's marcotting?? This is what marcotting looks like:

photo credit: google images
So, the impatient me asked my dad if he could find one that was planted with marcotting technique :p

2. Immature people that I have to deal with at work. I seriously think I should start a maturirty test before hiring someone in future. These kind of people is like a baggage because if they can't do their job well, their supervisor will complain to you and then when these idiots gets scolded by their supervisor they will start complaining to you. Like I don't have enough drama in life!

Looking forward to
1. Release of "PS I Still Love you" by Jenny Han (read here) this 26th may!

2. Volunteering with Tee at a Make-A-Wish event!! If you would like to know about this charity, you can go here.

Weekend recap

Thanks to my blogger friend Jaina, I decided to take out my DSLR again. Even came close to buying a new charger for the battery but managed to abstain myself and waited til last Friday night to search for it. I managed to find it within 15 minutes.

Anyway, I got up early on Saturday and spent a couple of hours in my garden. I managed to move my bak choy plants to a bigger pot. Harvested some of the  blood amaranth. As you can see from photo below, the resident grasshopper went overboard so I had to throw him out :p

So I finally figure out what plant this is. It's my Kailan plant. I have three pots of these.

This is my biggest tomato plant so far. My dad told me I need to get a really big pot for it to grow and bear lots of fruits, Will get a new pot next weekend.

My cosmos plant. I wonder why it takes quite a while for this one to sprout.

Anyway, been meaning to post about my cabbage plant which I found dead in the garden last Wednesday. I was devastated when I saw it. This was my last photo of it.

Something / someone must have knocked over the pot because the stem was broken. Anyway, I guess I'll just plant a new one or pick one from my dad's garden.

I went to my parent's place on Saturday afternoon. My dad wanted to adopt one of our sugar glider, Baby. So we delivered Baby to my dad. She needs some time getting used to her new owner but I think my dad will do just fine. He has spent his lifetime with plants and animal so this will be easy peasy for him. I remember back when we were living in Cheneh, Terengganu, dad had a farm of cows and of of them was named Boy. Everytime boy hears my dad's jeep approaching, he would quickly walk towards the entrance  of his barn to greet my dad. Yyup my dad is cool like that.

Anyway, I spent some time in his garden with Laith.

This is the oregano plant that he took from my PIL's place, It seems like his is grown faster than our own.

So crazy jealous over his cabbages. He has 3 pots of them.. Nah, I didn't take any of them. Probably wait a little longer :p

I think this was from his Bak Choy. Since mom doesn't cook anymore, the vegetables are not harvested. So this one started producing flowers which means it's too old to be eaten. sigh

In time to harvest this tiny little salad plant though

Flowers from Ulam Raja (read here)

Grape plant for me from daddy-oh 

Have you ever seen curry leaves plant producing seeds? Well this is how it looks like.

Last but not least, Ms Charlie posing for the camera.

I'm so glad I decided to take out my camera again. I think it was fun taking pictures again. Thanks again Jaina!!

Here are a couple of photos of my nephew. He was frowning in the first one because the auto focus light bu he posed for the second photo because he realized that I was actually photographing him.

Have a great week peeps!

My New Kitchen Gadget

♥She Loves Coffee♥

I've been wanting to buy this two sided pressure grill pan since earlier this year however every month my budget doesn't seem to agree with me :p However this month, I came across a good deal on Lazada and I got my pan at a 53% discount!!

I was so excited when i got this last Wednesday (note: they only took one day to deliver) I quickly prepared a dish for dinner that night. It was steam fish!

The steam fish was a HIT!!! Laith was scraping the fish's flesh right until there was none left. I promised him that I would make another steam fish on the weekends which led to him jumping for joy!

Zahed & I were fasting yesterday so I thought I should cook something for our Iftar. Asked Zahed, "how about fajitas? and he said "YES!!" So off we went to Cold Storage to get the ingredients. I bought lots of Shitake Mushrooms. I love shitake mushroom!! By the time I was home it was 7.15pm. It took me about 20 minutes for me to do the dish (including preparations) so that is AWESOME!!!!

The left over was made into yummy sandwiches this morning.. also using the Magic Pan. 

I should've bought it sooner! It's totally worth my money.

If you want to grab the same deal, quickly check out Lazada's website below!! Don't miss out!

Lazada Malaysia
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