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Happy Friday everyone. Such a Happy Day today...

I am happy to announce that my Tomato plant has started bearing it's first fruit!!!!!

I quickly texted my my dad a.k.a my mentor and showed him the photos of my tomato. He went "That's a huge fruit" then I told him it's just a close up photo then he laughed "oh it's a camera trick?" .. then he was telling me how to treat my chilli plants which according to him is being attacked by aphids insects.. Let me see what aphids are...
photo credit to Google images

so this is is what aphids looks like.... and this is what happens to my chilli plant

photo credits to Google Images

Ok so that's it for Planting 101 today.. how has everyone's week been? Mine was...okay I guess... Not fantastic really but bearable.

We had our quarterly team meeting yesterday. As usual I was a wreck coz I hate presentations! I was squirming in my seat while waiting for my turn to present.. panicking.. When my turn came the Boss went "Do you want me to go through the slides?" haha it's either he saw me squirming or he knows me to well. Magically though, my response was "Nah, i can do this" hahahaha and I did.. and it wasn't so bad and I managed to make everyone laugh too so "bravo Leila!" *pats own shoulder*

Anyway, lets end this post with some photos of food!

Pai Tees at Little Penang Cafe. I had lunch with Xavier last Wednesday.

Egg thosai that I had for dinner with Zahed in AU 5.. It was delish!

banana Leaf rice at Nirwana which I had earlier this week

Have a great long weekend peeps!! Selamat Hari merdeka to my fellow Malaysian!

Weekend recap Impromptu trip to Melaka

♥She Loves Coffee♥

I'm late again..I hope this won't become a habit :p

It was around 10.00pm on Friday when my sister in law asked me if we could send her back to Segamat at 5.00am the next day. She came to KL to do an interview with RHB Bank staff for one of her college assignments and then she had to go back to her college (in Segamat) before 8.00am because she has an event that she needs to attend.

We left home at 5.00am. Laith was still sleeping and me and my SIL were half asleep. Zahed took a cold shower to wake himself up. We drove straight to Segamat and made one stop at RnR Seremban for Subuh Prayers. It was really nice to see the sunrise.

We reached Segamat at 7.30am and had a short walk in the park near my SIL's hostel

my favourite pairs!
Zahed wanted to have breakfast and I suggested to go to Muar for a good cup of coffee at Sai Kee

 They had a wide range of coffee to choose from and I had their blue mountain coffee which was really good!
Blue mountain Coffee
Had my coffee with their Kaya Steamed Bun which was delicious.

 Zahed tried their Kopi musang, it wasn't bad... not my kind of coffee though

We left Muar and decided to spend the night in Melaka. Zahed was getting really tired by noon and thank god we managed to check in a hotel at 1.30ish. We stayed in a hotel in Banda Hilir. We were all hungry by 3.00 pm so we headed to Asam Pedas JR for lunch. I didn't take any photos because we went there with hungry tummies :p The food was good and price is good too.

Laith wanted to go to the beach after a short trip around Melaka Town so Zahed decided to take him to Tanjung Bidara. The weather was lovely and I was lucky to be able to witness both sunrise and sunset on the same day :)

Laith was fascinated the cows crossing the road (on our way to Tg Bidara from Melaka)

Okay back to work for now....


I was on leave today. had to settle some stuff with Zahed in the morning then Zahed took Laith for a swim in Cheras after Friday prayers while I watched Mission Impossible 5 :) it was awesome and kept sighing everytime I look at Jeremy Renner!

I went through some old photos in Flickr and now I realized that I should upload all my photos on flickr so that I can go through them again in future and walk down the memory lane and smile

Here are some random photos

Black coffee from a coffee shop in Publika
Bash- my fav burger from KGB
One of the PD trips

I just finished watching Something Borrowed and Who agrees that every girl needs an "Ethan" as a friend?



This week has been about de-stressing. I had to get some stuff from Lowyat on Monday so I asked Tee if she could join me. She was reluctant at first but I managed to persuade her :) love u Tee!! We walked to Pavilion after that because we wanted to get some yummies at Lavender....
Played a tourist with Tee in front of Sephora hehe
Got ourselves some caramel pudding *drools*. I bought my madeleines and a piece of cheesecake.
Then yesterday I got myself an infinity ring and then Tee got one too so we swaped with each other as a gift for each other... I know we are lame like that

Steve, our colleague was in the mood for Vietnamese for lunch today and he asked me and Tee to join him. Since it has been months since we last had lunch together we thought it was a great idea to catch. We used to have lunch together almost everyday back in the days when there were only 4 of us in the company.


I was facinated by their vietnamese coffee drip so I ordered it. Last time when Steve flew to Vietnam, he bought me a box of vietnamese black coffee and it was really good! Somehow this one was ewwwwww! It was too bitter! I love bitter coffee but this one went overboard! They served it with condensed milk...I don't take condensed milk with my coffee! So basically it was disaster....

I was having trouble deciding what to eat and Steve kept suggesting this one so I listened to him. It was okay...kimda weird tasting but I buess it was okay...better than what Tee had :p

We had their spring rolls too..

I've always wanted to try this and when I actually tried it I decided our popiah is waaaaaayyyy yummeh!

A friend of mine suggested that i read "The girl on the train" so I have it on kindle now. What's your current read?

Anyway, hope you are having a great week!


Weekend Recap

♥She Loves Coffee♥

Sorry I'm a little late for my weekend recap. Well better late than never right? :p

Saturday morning was spent at home. I was supposed to study an exam. My brother signed me up for an Insurance exam and I'm now wondering what actually happened that got me agree to do it because studying is really stressful!!!! I kept procrastinating to the point where I started baking!

Yup I managed to make cornish for lunch while studying. It was good... maybe a little dry but everyone loved it...

My dad requested that I stay come over that eve because he and mama needed some help with cooking as they invited my dad's relatives over for lunch on Sunday. Zahed worked til late afternoon and then we had an Open House invitation that evening in Gombak so we left to my parent's place after the open house.

The initial plan was for me to assist mama with cooking but then mama wasn't feeling well on Sunday and then abah thought it would be a great idea to have me in charge in the kitchen!!! 0_o I panicked coz I've never cooked Nasi Beriani etc..... made some coffee.. I had to settle for some "not so yummy" cofffee coz my brother Tariq (who is also the house barista) was still in bed.

Bad coffee is better than no coffee at all! However thank god my brother quickly brewed some fresh coffee when he got up like 20 minutes later.

While trying to figure out on whether to cook or just buy the nasi beriyani, i had a walk in my dad's garden and found this.

so jealous!!!!

Then abah started googling for recipes and then we agreed to just cook. He even agreed to deal with the onions because onions and me do not get along well. :p

I told abah that I was only good at making Ayam masa merah and he quickly agreed that I should just make my ayam masak merah hahahaha. Then came the challenging part - daging beriani! It was the first time for both of us, We didn't want to bother mama coz she was resting. Abah started reading the recipe he found on google and I just followed his instruction. Voila! Lunch is served :p

I jokingly told Abah"now that we have passed making nasi beriyani maybe we should consider starting a wedding catering service" and he just smiled hahahaha. It was a fun day for me coz I was blasting music in the kitchen with Tya and even my younger brother mopped the floor!!!

My brother Eric wanted to go to Setia City Mall for some burger and asked us to join him and his family. We had our late lunch at Fatburger. I tried their coffee coz one of my colleague mentioned that their coffee is pretty good.

The burger was average.. still love KGB. the coffee though was really good! I'm normally into high acidity kind coffee like Colombian, Kenyan or Ethiopian but this one wasn't one of those types but it's pretty good. Was told by my colleague  that it's Swedish Coffee...hmmmm

Oh by the way, Setia City mall now has Lavender Bakery!!!!!!! My favourite bakery!! I had their Madeleine and the yummiest Caramel Pudding!!! It was so good that i kept closing my eyes at every bite!!! *yesIamdramaticlikethat*

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