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Hello!! I just wanted to announce that this blog will turn into a photoblog from now on because I have got myself into Journalling thanks to my friend Kak Ju and I now have my own Midori journal. Wheeee!!! Never knew a huge journalling society actually existed. So instead of writing here, I am writing in my journal for myself and my children to read in the future. No offense but I think most of the time I am restricted to write what I truly feel like writing in my blog and sometimes I even laugh when I run across a "near perfect life" entry when I know the real situation behind that post.

So anyway, I will be journalling from now on and will be posting photos here every now and then. Perhaps I will drop by to say hi once in a while. I will be uploading photos of my journal entry in a private space so that in the events where I might lose my journal, I still have it archived online.

Anyway below is some photos to summarize my current addiction.

A quick one

Just a preview on what has been keeping me away from the computer hehe

Conversation with Little Man

This was yesterday
Laith: Mama, do you think of me when you are at work?
Me: yes of course.
Laith: even when your boss asks you to remember things do you still think of me?
Me: yup
He paused and then
Laith: me too! Even when the teacher asks me to do stuff in school, when I'm on my PE, and even during recess.

*heart melts!*


♥She Loves Coffee♥

Can't believe it's almost weekends again. I didn't even have the chance to update on the last weekend. On Saturday morning we were thinking of going to PD again. Since my sister is around to help my MIL with babysitting & chores at home I thought we should take her there for a short vacay before she starts her new semester. While discussing about where to stay, my PIL overheard us and said they wanted to join us since they want to visit of their old friends who was not feeling well and lives in PD. We initially wanted to stay in blue lagoon but they thought the beach in Tanjung Tuan was better so we stayed there instead.







We didn't go anywhere during this trip but lazed around in the hotel. We headed to the beach on Sunday morning at around 8.30am and stayed there till 11.30am. We headed back to KL at around 2.00pm becoz Zahed had an appointment. I was partially glad because I had a pile of clothes waiting to be ironed -_-

Anyway, one of our old friend came over yesterday to pass an invitation to his twin sisters' wedding. He was asking me about whether he should get a full frame camera after he saw a photo that I took:

Boat ride at Tasik Titiwangsa #tbt

He thought I took this photo with my DSLR so I explained to him that I haven't been taking my DSLR around for a while because it's too heavy. He used to do wedding photography before he got married but he sold off all his gears and didn't do it for about 4 years. I told him that I had a full frame once but I couldn't afford full frame lenses except for the 50mm 1.8 and that I took the wedding photos with my D90 and I think it was ok. With the technology now, even a camera phone looks nice and I told him I only take my NX mini around these days and I've only got 1 lens so far and it works for me. *secretly hope I could get myself an Olympus EPL 7 this year*. So that got him thinking for a bit :p

Anyway, I had this yummy cup of gelato earlier this week from a roadside stall!!! yes a gelato sold on a motocycle ok!

Yumsies!! #rhonnadesign

It was delicious!!! If you wanna try, go get one at one of the stalls in front of the Tabung Haji building!

Lets end this post with a quote :)

Recap On Langkawi Trip

♥She Loves Coffee♥

I need to catch up on my posts. This Langkawi trip is like 2 weeks ago! Eeps!

Anyway, on the 2nd day in Langkawi, Kak Faridah and her family invited us for breakfast at Nasi Dagang Pak Malau. "Nasi Dagang in Langkawi??" you say? Haha, I was suprised too. Learned that Pak Malau's wife is from Terengganu and she makes super delicious nasi dagang. Apparently this place has become a must visit restaurant in Langkawi since 3 years ago (how come we didn't know??)

This is view from Kak Faridah's Car Spa 1

Below are photos from the restaurant. Apparently they provide a homestay service for those who wants to experience life in paddy field. The kids was so excited they went straight to the "rumah kampung" and one of the boy was disturbing the geese resting in  the paddy field.. The geese got annoyed and started chasing the children haha. It was a funny sight. No worries nobody got hurt/

Mr & Mrs Goose giving the kids a warining message


The view from our table


Chicken Hut

Front view of the Kampung House

Soursop tree- My first time seeing one!

People chilling in the Kampung House

Mr & Mrs Goose finally calmed down

This is "kekabu" - it comes from a fibre-silk tree. They use them to stuff their pillows.


Later in the evening the kids wanted to go to the beach and Kak Faridah's husband had them ride in the back of his truck (it was a short trip so you can breathe normally now)


They had a blast playing at the beach while I had myself massaged hehehe. They even caught this big crab.

Later that night Kak Faridah was kind enough to invite us for dinner at her place. The food was good! Laith on the other hand was cycling without training wheels for the first time that bight!

our 3rd day which is also our last day was spent at the apartment. We went out early in the morning to get ferry tickets and then went back to the apartment and the boys went straight to the pool while open the first pack of chocolate that we bought the day before.hehe

Till we meet again Langkawi..

Recap on the Langkawi Trip

♥She Loves Coffee♥

Last Saturday during the Chinese New Years long holiday, we made yet another impromptu trip to Langkawi. No plans, no reservations, we just drove off to Kuala Perlis at 10.00am and joined the heavy traffic :p made it to Kuala Perlis at 6.20pm and we were lucky one of our close family friend who lives in Langkawi was in Kuala Perlis that afternoon to attend a wedding so she bought us the 7.00pm ticket and left it at the ticket counter for us. If she didn't do that for us, I think we would have needed to spend a night at Brasmana Hotel :p

It was almost 9.00pm when we arrived and thankfully Kak Faridah, the family friend I mentioned above has already arranged for a mini car for us to rent. We dropped by at Zahed's dad's apartment to drop our stuff and then headed out for a quick dinner.

This time around, we managed to go up Gunung Raya. It was really cold up there and you can the cloud pass through you. It was an amazing experience. It was too cloudy when we were up there, we didn't get to enjoy the view. You're supposed to see the Pulau Tepor from here.


We had coffee in cafe on top of Gunung Raya



Family wefie!





Dark clouds above our head

Lembu bukit :p

Later in the afternoon, Zahed took us to Pantai Pasir Tengkorak and Laith had a blast swimming. I stayed and watch from the beach because the changing room was closed!! The waves were pretty strong and it kinda scares me. So I was frequently warking towards the water calling out both the boys to stay closer to the shore.

After that we had our tea time at Perdana Quay




Someone sipping my ginger beer -_-


And then we headed to the lighthouse where we used to go fishing and Zahed caught a fish which we grilled that very night *yums* and saw this car there



view from the lighthouse

And that was how we spent our first day..I think we had dinned at Haji Ali restaurant in Pekan Kuah... Will continue in my next post :p
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