Throwback photo

Finally found the photo I was talking about.


Penang Trip Part 2

♥She Loves Coffee♥

Laith been wanting to go to the beach so I texted Myra asking for her recommendation and she told me to look for Miami Beach! Yup, there is a Miami Beach in Penang,
It was really nice quiet beach. We were there around 9.30am and there were only 2 other families besides us. It was really clean.

That is Zahed looking for his glasses. Him and Laith were fooling around and then Zahed's glasses fell off and got lost in the waves. He was pretty miserable.

It was when we were about to leave the beach when I saw his glasses being washed to the shore. I somehow felt that we were going to find it before leaving. He quickly ran to get his glasses when I called out for him.

Then we had some breakfast near Chowrasta. That's Tya with her new Cat headband which we got from the Cat Cafe.

They had a transformers exhibition in Esplanade so I thought it would be a good idea for us to stop by. The sun was up and it was crazy hot when we got there,

Laith was not being cooperative at posing for photos

Until I said something that led to this fake smile :p

Trip to Penang Part 1

♥She Loves Coffee♥

As mentioned in my previous post, we headed to Penang on the 3rd day of Raya. We left home at around 8.00a.m. There were four of us, Me, Zahed, Laith and my sister Tya. It was a fun ride because the traffic wasn't bad at all. Zahed wanted to drive straight to Penang without making any stops at the R&R but our tummies disagrees so we made him stop at the  R&R RTC Perak. It was 1.30pm when we reached Penang.

The first thing we did was head to Kassim Nasi Kandar opposite Gama. Thi restaurant has been our favourite place for nasi kandar for years. 

This was supposed to be a throwback photo coz I took the same photo few years back but I have been trying to find the photo but to no avail. :(

Our next stop was Cat Cafe! It was my first time at a Cat Cafe. We never knew that there was a Cat Cafe in Penang until my sister mentioned it. They had a minimum order of RM18.00 for each person in order to enter the cafe. 

 This cake was really good! Can't remember the name though.. sorry....

Someone really happy with his Flat White :)

Their rainbow cake wasn't so bad either. 

And then we went to the cat room! I've been wanting to touch this fella but she was sleeping in the top cabinet and does not want to come down at all.

This guy was sleeping at first and as soon as I stroke his fur he got up :)

 This one's name is Teddy, he was sleeping beside the window the whole time not caring when we stroke him and calling out his name.

 It was written somewhere in the cafe that there are many Cat Cafe in Japan and people would go there to de-stress. I think we should have some in KL too especially in KLCC what do you think?

more post on ou Penang Trip soon! Have a great day everyone!


♥She Loves Coffee♥

TGIF everyone. It has been really busy for me. Started working yesterday and the boss has lined up a whole load of stuff for me to do that kept me occupied since yesterday. Here's a little update on our Raya.

It was Raya at my parent's place this year so we headed to my parents place on Thursday afternoon. Mom was halfway cooking and when I reached and she made me take over after that. Mum has this electric hob that she bought probably 2 years ago and she never wanted to use them (not quite sure why) so I insisted on using it because cooking on only 2 hobs will only mean that we can only go to bed after midnight :p She was complaining at first but when she saw it working perfectly and realised we could get the cooking done by 8.00pm, she was pleased.

Our Raya portrait. Managed to stop a kid who passed by our place to take our photo.

Meru people has the most festive spirit during Raya. This was found in jalan Sekolah,kg bkt Kapar
My younger bro took us and my big bro's fam for some coffee at three little birds cafe in Sentul after paying a visit at our aunty's place in Subang Jaya
Second day of Raya was spent at my in laws. laith was the happiest because all of his cousins came. This is his favourite cousin Yaya. These two are inseparable when they meet. Probably because they are just 2 weeks apart and me and Yaya"s mom spent a week or two together during our confinement period.

Tya took this wefie while I was looking away. Loving my first Bokitta :)

The next day, we headed to Penang which will be shared in a different post. Anyway, so glad it's Friday already. This body needs to be recharged!

Greetings from Penang

Sorry for the short hiatus. It has been a pretty busy Eid. We are currently in Penang my hometown! Weee

Been stuffing myself with loads and loads of coffee...

I secretly wish that we could just move to Penang...

Anyway, Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin! I owe you guys a proper post. In the meantime, have a great day!
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